Consequences for the latest update

This last update just destroyed everything, this game is no longer enjoyable, everything is ruined, the devs have gone over the limit, players are leaving the game, they won’t play anymore because the game is no longer fun AT ALL, people are canceling their subscriptions of the flight Club, people are just criticizing this game, new players will leave right away just when they see one of the new duties, this can’t be convincing? Then the 1000 bugs should do it. But the main problem here is the ridiculous changes they made, the game is losing popularity, clans are losing their best hitters, and speaking of clans and members, we just lost one of our top players yesterday, I will repeat what he said without mistakes:“I have decided to make today my last day playing this game, the game is no longer fun to play,thanks for everything”. And I’m not lying just to force the devs to make the game like it was( though that still won’t convince them anyway), and few minutes ago, our clan is planning on stop playing this game because it’s no longer enjoyable,and I mean our whole clan, so wake up already and open your eyes, it won’t kill any of you developers if you make the game like before, and know this: it will just make a bad reputation for yourselves, you are just sitting there now planning on what other terrible things you will add, and you still didn’t give us any information yet.


And I forgot to mention that all these changes weren’t shown in the release notes, so that feels like a betrayal, and an update always makes the players excited but ludia’s players have experience with their horrible updates now and won’t be excited anymore, if they add just a SINGLE good thing they will add hundreds of terrible things with it and new exciting bugs as always, and they think making a thing they call a CHANGE is one duty( level up 15 dragons became 12) will help, adding 9 energy not even 10 to the duty chest is just to calm the players down.


I want to know whats going on now, why nobody is giving us any information, they are not communicating.


People are leaving the game and they are joking on twitter as if nothing bad happened, just great communication, keep It up and you’ll see who will lose at the end.


I hate to say it but I jokingly predicted this would happen a week before the update.


And Ludia devs please don’t forget to add runes back to the alpha chests too. This is really important because runes are the rarest resource in the game and it is very hard to get them. Please do it


I think literally the worst part is that the changes they made affected the people that have paid subscriptions which, while I doubt that it’s illegal to make it worse, it’s very very scummy to do so. Normally, a company improves or leaves the paid subscription bonuses alone while changing the base game, but in this case, they couldn’t care less and people cancelling their subs is the best way to show how scummy they are.

Right now it makes no sense to own the flight club pass. If anything, I’d be absolutely furious if I spent money to buy it just to know that the devs basically told me ‘it’s their way or the highway’. I’ve never seen a game company not care about their players at all like this company is doing. Almost feels like they should start hiring from their player base, the people that actually play the game, because to me it feels like they have literally no clue how to even start up their own game, let alone even play it.
They have no clue how to ‘balance’ resources, seems like they’re just playing by ear.
A few months ago bundles were actually nice and worth buying, now it’s literally nothing but worthless sheep.

I wonder if they just fired the guys that were actually good at developing the game and hired a bunch of people that have literally no idea what they’re doing.

Literally no communication at all from the devs at all, this update was so half-assed that they didn’t even bother to test it before taking down the servers for 4 hours (with no compensation what so ever, all the other games I play, both on PC and on my phone give me a compensation when the server becomes unavailable even for 30 minutes) just to download literally the messiest update ever, bugs and crashes every couple of minutes. Companies normally try to fix bugs within hours of the update, at the latest 24 hours after, because they care about their customers.

And to add upon the no communication from the developers, half the changes in this update were literally not even communicated or released basically anywhere, it was up to their players to find out what this update was, almost like they were hiding something from the very beginning and knew that we wouldn’t be happy with the changes, very coward move or just pure incompetency.

They try to highly glorify this new PvP Arena mode but not everyone likes PvP and I am sitting there wondering how they could even make a PvP mode in this type of game without it being bad. Maybe half the population will play if they even have any players left by the time they release it.

I am highly disappointed in the path that this company has decided to take their game down upon and I’ll make sure to leave a proper review in the google store for the game.
People will eventually learn what kind of company Ludia truly is. I am just upset that I spent time and resources into the game thinking that they’d actually care about our opinion. Guess the best we can do is voice our opinions outside the forums and onto the reviews for the game so other people know what to expect.


I, uh, sort of feared this day would come… That updates would mess up too much and the player base would be beyond furious. I had seen the posts on the Jurassic game on the forums, which I don’t play, and well, there had been an uproar of anger and cancellations for weeks - until I stopped reading the posts. I don’t know what the future holds, but while I might change my app review, I am not quitting.

Ludia needs to stop and have a moment of cold realisation regarding the new changes, and either return the duties to what they were or triple the rewards. It would be worth it if they gave us 150 runes, 30 energy, 1 or 2 random color 3-star scales in the rewards per chest, without further reduction on the other scales and coins and fish we get. Fair is fair Ludia; we now can’t open a chest every day, it’s one per 3 or 4 days, and I have said before there’s a lack in 3-star scales.


And stop the dirty secrets, now. It’s bad form that you change a bought product for VIP users too. Very bad form.


mine never changed from lv up 15, hatch 15. this is the last week i’ll wait for them to make it right and give compensation for our losses. if i don’t see a good one, i’ll walk away and never look back to any more ludia games.

just like with netmarble with their greatest support of all time on fishing strike. i was one of their top F2P players, and now i never install their game ever again.


Those duties are really hard to complete and are slowing us down from opening the chest, I kept on getting those two duties since the update, I just got once the duty hatch a green dragon, the game is no longer enjoyable.


Well they don’t work weekends, so that’s why they haven’t responded in a couple days. Perhaps releasing an update on a Thursday with their track record was a bad idea. It not just cancelling subscriptions, most of the clan is waiting to see how they respond, if we don’t like it, we are all canceling and quitting the game to never come back


Astrids duties are still frozen for me even after rerolling them couple of times and the lvl 15 dragons and breed 2 of a certain dragon quests are rediculous as well. I agree the prizes should be tripled with these duties, but best case is they need to put the duties back like they were before the update. Ludia has lost my business anyway, I will play until my flight club has expired, and then I am done. Just upset I invested money into something that is completely not worth it