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Consider Boarcroczilla for 1.10! [Concept]

I had this idea yesterday. So what if we got a super hybrid of Entelodon and Gorgosuchus? It’d be the successor Gorgo deserves! Kapro is well known as the boar croc, so it makes total sense to do this and if they don’t I’ll be let down lol

It could be a risk taker version of Gorgosuchus. You’d never know when it’s going to cash in for that monster blow. Something like:

• Ferocious Shattering Strike
• Mutual Fury
• Adrenaline Surge
• Devastation
• Immune to Distraction
• Immune to Slowing

3800 HP
1500 Attack
121 Speed
20% Critical

So 3 separate buff moves for a total of 25% + 33% + 50% = 108% x 3 = 4,860 Damage and 6,075 with a critical if used in sequence. So it’s not quite Indominus Rex Gen 2, but that’s still going to sting pretty hard if you don’t stop them from chaining up to it. It could also be blocked with Invincibility if timed just right. Hopefully I got that math right

I know it probably wouldn’t be top tier since it’s got a big wind up, but it’d be a pretty fun creature though don’t you think? I can’t be the only one who wants this lol


Cool :+1:

…i have to have 10 characters