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Consider greatly enhance your system for creating raids group

At the moment, I’ve tried for an hour to join or create a raid group but all failed. Sometimes the friend list doesn’t load, other times I cannot accept an invitation (pressed but no respond) etc.

Besides, there are several aspect that should be improved :

  1. When we invite, only shows players that are actually online - no point in inviting someone that’s offline and make us search the whole list.

  2. Increase the range of creating a Raid ; Greatly increase the range of joining / seeing a Raid group. - imaging walking in range to a raid THEN search for online player and invite them and wait for their reply ? Creating a coop team is already hard enough. The range of Raid should be much larger to make it easier for us to successfully play a raid game.

For example, Range of creating a Raid : 300m
Range of joining / seeing a Raid group: 1000m

  1. Indication of an opened raid group to join - We need some kind of indication in game of an opened raid group in range, so that we can actively join. It could greatly enhance the Co-op experience.

Also repair the system.

Many of us work with Telegram, others with discord while playing. The problem arrives when joining after having had JWA minimized. Game/Google asks you again to relogin and you lose the opportunity to join.

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