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Consider joining TheFinestFuries! Prefer 4000+points and must be daily active players with friendly, team-player attitudes!


Recruiting 4000+ active members!

Applied for, > 4,4k :slight_smile: nick: Ransho


Looking to add to my clan, TheFinestFuries, and yes, dragons of all kinds are welcome!

Looking for those with 4000 points and up who are everyday players. I’m FTP and am at around 4700 myself and am kinda addicted to this game lol. Reach out with your name and points and let’s do this!


Hi, please pick me for your clan. Sorry for the multiple replies I am new to this forum.


I think we have one more slot left! Let me see if I can send you an invitation.


It’s giving me an error message when I try to invite you. Can you see if you can search for my clan?