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Consider Swap in Strike for Megalosuchus


I think Swap In Strike (the SIA seen on Dracorex, Irritator Gen 2 etc) would be a superb SIA for megalosuchus, that synergises perfectly with how the dino is played without being OP. It could even be seen as inherited from Kaprosuchus. It can be used to quickly deal a finishing blow to a low health dino in front of you that you couldn’t normally outspeed by switching to Megalo, and due to his low attack stat it wouldn’t be overpowered. If it suffers a hit on the switchin, it’ll be like a small Rampage in conjunction with counter.

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Megalo is a hybrid of Gorgo; not Kapro.
If Swap in Strike to take place, then, I think Gorgo should inherit it - since it is more direct.
Megalosuchus should inherit Gorgo’s moves.
Besides, Megalo has already inherited Megalosaurus’s counter attack - what Gorgo is lacking…


And what is needed to make gorgosuchus…

Gorgo and megalo are different beasts. Gorgo excels in setting up for a giant hit, Megalo is used to swap into stuff to deal finishing hits/counter indom. SIS enhances the way it’s already played


yeah i think a swap in strike would be the buff he needs.


So it should get 2 attacks when swapped in? Seems fair…


Strike + Stun = 3 attacks.
Much better…:sweat_smile:


Guaranteed stun + invincibility for 3 turns + 2x damage counter attack during invincibility