Consider the following:

We are at the time of year wherein we are simply not able to dedicate anywhere remotely close to the amount of time previously spent on this game.

Take me, for instance, looking at the snow just coming down with no hope of it settling for a while to come. Add in the drifting and there’s no way I’m stopping because I just might not get GOING again.

The design layout of stretching event spawns thinner and thinner as time goes on, fewer and far between one another, parks and other large areas having a mere fraction of previous spawn locations on which people were reliant on to make anywhere close to the max number of attempts allotted for each rarity of dinos.

Commons get two, three days max, but have a disproportionate amount of potential DNA yield. Rares, depending on realistic optimism for the “choices” is generally a mixed bag depending on who you ask but still, again, two or three days but at least at a much more REASONABLE amount of dart attempts.

Then we have our weekend epics. Y’know, the main draw of it all. Understandably, not everyone can make time on only a single day. Some unfortunate people just find weekends wholly impossible due to other obligations just because they are THAT busy that a few minutes on their phone for a game is out of the question.

So what can Ludia do to at least reduce the frustrations on all sides? They can’t very well reduce total attempts. That is crazy as it would be committing financial suicide on multiple angles.

Try to juggle the days/rarity levels? Better…but still awkward as heck. There’s never going to be a solid balance as they have it now. Even thinning out dinosaur themes into further brackets does more harm than good as there’s always going to be the “right”…ahem…“choice” and going the other way (bloating the weeks) would seem like a good long term plan on paper (especially since there’s a plethora of dinosaurs we simply have yet to see in any capacity as event spawns), it can basically be the same problem OR feel as though they might as well have reduced the attempt total.

What do they do, then? Simple: it’s the easiest solution they insist on avoiding at all costs for whatever short-sighted money-grubbing logic they cling to and that is to simply revert their removal of event spawn locations straight across the board.

We all know gold is the real limiting factor and they don’t HAVE to change this. It’s always going to be a colossal pain but still achievable goal. There’s no harm in making event spawn locations easier to access as we could have infinite DNA but if we don’t have gold, we can’t USE said DNA.

So why, Ludia? Why are you so insistent on being as backwards as humanly possible and making the weekly event spawns as grindy and mind-numbingly frustrating as you can to even hope to get all our tries in (mostly on commons but even rares can be notorious if the spawn diversity is diluted enough)?

For me, personally, winter is the most disheartening season for a game clearly made for summer and parts of the world that generally don’t suffer persistent weather hazards in their everyday lives.

Ludia really needs to step up their game if they want this to not go so wayward that all of their previous mistakes compound even further and remove JW:A from their development cycle when the profit margins gradually become paper-thin. The amount of potential this has is immense and losing out because of stubborness when they have MASSIVE resources to draw from is just…I don’t know…sad.

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I’m pretty sure everywhere on Earth has many days or weeks a year of weather hazards. Lightning storms, tsunamis, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms the list goes on.

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I would like to add competitive road bicyclists to your list of natural disasters as well :biking_man:t3:‍♂ :biking_man:t3:‍♂ :biking_man:t3:‍♂

*this was a very long article.
You’ve got some valid points but unfortunately, realistic expectations regarding their business model is something I’m sure they’ve considered before investing millions in product development.

Games like this are in fact seasonal … just like any other “sport” (I use this term loosely), they are dependent on the world outside, of which we have little immediate control. It is expected that the quantity of users will drop in the winter … and once spring comes along, it’s time for marketing overhaul and a relaunch campaign (i.e. another indoraptor event :sweat_smile:)

I’d be impressed if people were playing this every day in which they consistently found themselves contending with tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic ash, earthquakes, hail, etc. :joy:

I’m sorry but when I see a article this long I try to read it and take it all in but after a paragraph or two my brain shuts off and it all becomes noise .What I took from it was " the weather sucks "


I just decided that I am going to play casually from now on. Haven’t bought any one time offers for last couple levels (before that I bought almost all of them) cause I know winter time here is very cold.

Well, BECAUSE the weather sucks, the most viable option Ludia has at their disposal is re-populating the map with the plethora of event spawns they’ve been systematically removing.

Heck, today for example: I got a whopping TWO spawns and only because they were the only ones I could reach without driving around needlessly or walking through foot-and-a-half deep snow to reach the very edge of them (sidewalks: a rarity outside of the main stretch and the density of downtown which is even then, not that particularly crowded in these parts).

So, one spawn during lunch and one after work. Had to get home quick before the backroads got any worse than they already are. Hopefully the plow comes tonight or tomorrow morning…I am not holding my breath.

ever play pogo? i didnt stop even if it snowed. but i did slow down drastically. lots of things to keep ya busy during winter anyways.

I did for a bit but living a half hour out of town (accounting for weather) and not ONE PokeStop anywhere. Can’t catch anything if I got no balls and I wasn’t going to shell out on what you can get for FREE every 12 steps in any city.