Considering a team change - if you play "uncommon" dinos, please help!

I’ll be honest - I love this game, but as I’ve already said before, I hate the arena. I hate seeing the same uniques over and over again. So I’ve been thinking… Half of my team is comprised of legendaries anyway, so why not add a few other dinos to the mix? Maybe some “lower” ones (epics, for example).

I have 7k+ Erliko2 and nearly 9k Charlie DNA (for those as lazy as me, that’s 155 fuses - she’s currently at base level 11). I really love Erlikogamma in tournaments, does anyone think she’d be worth including? Does anyone else have her on their team?

Also, if anyone has any ideas on good hybrids (or non!) that are still viable fairly high up, I’d love to hear. Even if I can’t get to Gyrosphere again, I’d like to enjoy battling like I used to, and it’s not happening right now. I’ve got a lv18 Dsungaia, but her low health leads me to believe she’ll get OHKO’d too much.

I’m a fan of alloraptor for starters. I don’t really see many around.
Both trurtles (not smilonemys) are viable for a good bit as well.

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My Alloraptor is level 19, and I have been considering her. Just worried she’ll get a hybrid though.
Carboceratops is one I’d love to battle with - really enjoyed that one in the tournament!

i still think she will get one as well, but i don’t think it will be next patch. Allorap wins agains almost all tanks. stunning tanks like tragod and monostego give her some trouble. She can also do some decent damage against some dodgers as she has a definite move.

i’ve been wanting to bring up megalosuchus and skoolasaurus to team level cause i think they look cool.

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I play all the uncommon creatures. Here are my last 16 teams I’ve played. Maybe this will give you some ideas. All these teams that are pretty much all level 20-21 and have me hanging right around 3800 to 4000 trophy’s.

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