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Considering buying VIP

Hi, I am looking into buying the vip for a month and was wondering what you get, and if it’s worth it? Thank you

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So for £10 a month it’s pretty good the amount of benefits that you get I shall list as many as I can.

  • Exclusive vip events every day, these range from 3 battles for a rare pack, 4 battles for a super rare pack and 5 battles for a legendary pack, cycling through using jurassics, cenozoics and aquatics.

  • X2 loyalty points on everything in the game (except trades) so every card pack will give you x2 and every bit of LP you win from PvP will give you x2 also.

  • Exclusive vip tournaments, for a chance at vip creatures featured within the 50k and 35k packs.

  • 2 additional custom trades per day.

  • DNA factory that can be upgraded to gain an extra 1,200 dna per 12 hrs.

  • Sdna factory where you can gain up to 15 sdna for up to 4 different creatures per day.

  • Instant recovery lab where you can instantly take creatures off of cooldown and increases the amount you do per month.

  • Instant hatchery which grants you an instant hatch per week at a reduced cost. (After 12 months of vip)

  • Access to the VIP discounts which include 20 percent off hatcheries and 20 percent off creatures in the market.

Theres probably alot more benefits to vip but it will help your game massively, if you put enough time into the game per day vip is definitely worth the money.

If you break the cost down to weekly that’s only 2.50 per week which is pretty cheap, I would say go for it imho.


Thank you, I think I will try it for a month. Thanks again

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If you are only going to do one month, I suggest waiting for a VIP tournament or VIP week, if it ever happens again.


Oh, do you know when they might do another one?

I would also say it’s worth it, some of the benefits @Aether_12 listed up above are items you “can” get after enough time. Some benefits you will not see if doing for just one month.

I have been a VIP player for almost three years and I still gladly pay the monthly fee for how much I play the game.

There are also players on this forum that have been free to play players and have succeeded just fine.

VIP will accelerate your game timeline more economically than any other investment in terms of putting money into the game.

Typically VIP tournaments are once a quarter, and we just had the best one two weeks ago so it might be a month or two before another one is on the horizon.


I’d say it depends on how into the game
you wanna be (I’m pretty casual, 2 years playing and my best is a Monostego 10, 100% F2P) but I’d say it’s worth it if you want to dedicate the time and effort into it

Thanks, I spend about an hour a day, and if I like it I’ll probably do it for a year

What is your current park level?

I’m 47 almost 48

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I had another account that was 75 but that one got deleted when my iPad crashed

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I am about to earn an instant hatchery, still got two more months to go. But I wonder how that it actually works. I saw a couple of threads and info about it but couldn’t have the chance to clarify. All that I know is that you are getting a single creature (most preferred as a tourney one) right away out of the hatchery without any speed up costs. But also heard that additional ones come with some decent amount of bucks but I don’t know when and how? Also what is that creature dissapear thing? It worries me too, is it even a thing yet, any news? @Aether_12 @Sionsith

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Ooh, do you have the trade harbor unlocked yet? If not, I would say maybe wait. VIPs also VIP creatures that pop up in the trade harbor for 11K LPS (or 11K DBs, but I don’t know anyone who would trade 11K DBs for one dino).

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Instant hatchery is nice because it’s a stand alone hatchery pod. You could have 4 dinos in your regular hatchery and still instant hatch a different dino. However, it’s only one a week and it’s not free. I believe tournament dinos cost 250DB. The not nice thing is it’s based on rarity and not length of hatch time. Super hybrids hatch faster than tournaments, but cost more in the instant hatchery.

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They say they are even cheaper in custom trades when offering LPs to Chanya. Haven’t tried for myself though. But you are right about waiting, TH is a big must to have a decent progress.

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Oh interesting, but by the time passes, don’t you have additional instant hatchery slots? Or like 3 in a row for example, one after another. Like by paying the needed cost each time?

It is a pity though, sorry to hear that. Why didn’t you contact support, lvl 75 is a high stage in the game to give up on don’t you think?

I hadn’t connected it to Facebook and when it crashed I kinda excepted that it was gone and started a new account.

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I didn’t know that I could get my save back i’ve learned my lesson and the first thing I did was connected my account so i wouldn’t loose it again

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Support tried to send me a lvl 31 gigantophis but that wouldn’t work so they have sent me eight copies that I can hatch out and fuse up another one to level 31 along with the resources to do so, not the best outcome but still a solution that I will make work. This was from the instant fuse pod which is where the issues have mostly been with the VIP buildings.