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Considering buying VIP

Oh that is nice then, but if you have any bit of a screenshot showing your support key from that time, they could give that account back to you. One of our friends had got his just by contacting them. And it wasn’t even a progressed one as yours, just having some pre shuffle dinos unlocked and stuff in it. Give it a shot if you have, just saying. :call_me_hand:

Then it is still going on. :pensive: I hope they solve it with the next update. :expressionless: It literally popped my bubble, out of excitement of having it already.

Bro I’m doing the same

I just won’t use it for creatures in the Biodome and Aquatic arena if I only have two level 30s I have used it twice since on Jurassic creatures and it worked just fine.

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Sadly I don’t have any pictures.:pensive:

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Did you ever make any purchases in your old game? I lost my old game at level 69 and I didn’t have any screenshots or support key but I had a list of purchases where I was able to find google receipts for them. It took almost 2 months of back and forth questioning and the receipt screenshots to prove who I was but they got my old game back that I’m still playing today.

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Really? How much LPs does it usually take to get a VIP in custom trades? It would have to be less than the 10K minus the LPs we get back from pack (I’m guessing 1600 after the ×2 making it a 8400 net cost, but I’m not sure). The benefit of the 11K in the TH is you can guarantee what dino your paying for. Whereas through CTs and card packs, your at the mercy of the randomness.

As far as the instant hatchery, you get to use it once, then a one week timer starts. When the timer is up, you can use it again. It won’t start again until you use it. I’m going to get my second instant hatchery in a little less than two months. Again, they make the most sense to use on tournaments since legendary hybrids or higher cost more, yet are still 7 day hatches. So put your legendary hybrids and rarer in the regular hatcheries and instant hatch your tournament dinos.


I don’t know if I missed that info or it has never been shared, but I am just about to receive my instant hatchery building and I already planned to put Ostaposaurus there. Now I can read your comment on making sense of using it with tournament dinos only. Do you (or anybody else, of course) know how much instant hatching would cost for using it with Legendary hybrids (Ostaposaurus in particular)?

I think a hybrid is x2 the cost of its rarity, legendary is 100 db so a legendary hybrid should be 200.

Tourneys are 250 db so a tourney hybrid would be 500.

Superhybrids are then x2 again I believe.

Really it’s most cost effective to hatch standard tourney creatures or standard legendary aquatics imo.


oof that has got to hurt

It’s not worth it, at least when I tested this previously it was about the same amount of LP as the DNA trades from what I can remember.


Oh then it is just nice, hope they will do it on those other two.

Oh thanks for the good advice. Unfortunately my knowledge on this is limited to what I have posted. Really curious about it though, paying 11k on a willing creature was a thing but making choice from the popping ones for an even cheaper cost is another, yet to discover.

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Oh then this is, if this is the case there is no reason to do that since the LPs are the second most valuable asset in the game (considerably). But in regard to what I have read about this one, those offers comes for like around 7k LPs, so way cheaper than a Solid Gold with a plus of getting what you want. But you know Chris knows better, rely on him more than me in this case 'cause he should be way more experienced than me about all of this ingame experimentations. :grin: Still I see it as worth trying after I hit a predetermined target on the LP part. (Around 150k for the wondering, now I am on 30k and regularly buying tickets on a weekly basis, stopped accepting offers popping up in the TH since I have had enough, nevertheless they are tempting. Gonna wait for the remaining single copies get doubled via that weekly elit wheel drop, 'cause I need another comfort zone. Plus I know I’ve got still plenty of a good time to see of those likely ones in the future, so no need to hurry. Writing all those also as a strategy/tactic for the recently begginners or the players of an early/mid-early stage.) :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


They appear for 11k LP or 11k bucks, the 7k lp ones are probably for hybrids like parasaura which I see appear quite regularly you might be confusing vips with these trades.

I’m starting to see LP as the 3rd most valuable resource in the game with dna and bucks being higher, generally your limited with what you can purchase with LP mainly vip creatures but the dna is what is really needed for the tourney hybrids which cost a hell of a lot more than vip creatures do and help more towards end game than vips do.

I did get an apatosaur offer for 10,300 lp in CT but still not worth it imo just for a tanky herbivore which I have plenty of, other vip creatures ranged from 11,300 to 13k


Oh I must have misread it then, but I was only mentioning the custom trades. Anyways you might be right on the DNA part, which I am all after for a while and seems to be likely after.