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Considering the boost and the end game

The argument from the developers is that there will be more variability in how the we will use our dinosaurs with boosts.
I disagree strongly considering how long it takes to get 6000 boost now for a theoretical 10/10/10 boosted creature. It would take about 4 years to get 8 dinosaurs to that level of boost.
If you introduce new dinosaurs along the way, they won’t be used, because the boosted creature is too powerful versus a much lower boosted creature and the penalty for the withdrawal is too significant.

A cookie 4 years down the road and constant grinding, while not being able to play newly introduced dinosaurs is not enticing. As developers, I don’t think you guys really meant to design something that
is only fully attainable in 4 years, but to attain it, you have to ignore all new content during that 4 years.

There are other games out there, heck you even advertise for them, that will draw away your customers.
Make the cookie more attainable and take away the penalty for changing how boost are spent.

Translation lower the cost of boost tier raising from 100 to 50, and remove the 50% penalty fee for withdrawal.


Thank you - that’s exactly the problem - I already posted something similar.

You get stuck on your dinosaurs once you’ve boosted them. You can’t react to patches or add something new to your team.

The reset is not a possibility for that. I did the math. By resetting a 6/6/6 dino you would lose 900 stat boosts that would cost you 18000 ingame dollars.

I don’t like the new system very much, but it would save the game for me if I could reset a dinosaur for a fair price and transfer the boosts on another.

I know you don’t want that because some players will still pay to get 8 dinos up and then you won’t make money with them anymore, cause they are maxed out and can transfer the boosts around to change the team. But if you don’t give us this possibility people will leave this game. I know I will.
8 dinos for the next few years and no way to change. That’s no fun anymore …


Exactly. I like the new system, but it takes way too long and there’s no way anyone will want to ignore all new content. We either need a faster way to obtain the boosts or like you said, a decrease in price to apply them.


There are a few interesting ways Ludia can get around this. One is a stats reset every update. Same as what we got in 1.10. every one gets to reboost their dinos. So you can move with the new.meta assuming you can understand it before the update drops and boost correctly.

Another is to refund 100 boost instead of 50 but the dino is “scarred” so cannot be boosted to the same level again until an arbitary point or Scar Remover is bought.

The first is the best since its simple and fair. No need to argue about accidents and sabotage or "wasnt thinking "


I‘d like an answer from a mod or anyone official on this. Can we expect something to change in this direction? If not I can deinstall the game now and stop bothering.

I came to the exact same conclusion.
No way anyone would lose 50 boosts PER TIER to get them back so you are perma locked in your team AGAIN.
My solution was to charge hard cash to regain boosts instead of losing half.
Players keep boosts… Ludia makes money… People change dinos often… WIN.


if you do 100% rollback at one point players will have enough to never need more… especially with dbis and incs accumulating boosts.

if you do a reset every patch then whats the point of rollbacks? just wait till the next patch. in both cases ludia loses money.

best solution is probably decrease the amount needed per tier.


get rid of rollbacks and reset each patch. keep tier cost the same.

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It takes 4 years to reach the enough point so I dun think Ludia is gonna lose money. As for the super whales, they will either stop buying boosts or buy to stock to boost a 9th or 10th dino for rotation. Even that takes like a year.