Consolidate Sancuaries

I don’t know how many other people run into this, but it’s not the first time for me. You’re scrolling thru the sancs and you find one with multiples of the dino you’re looking for. (In this case, the almighty Irritator). You click on the sanc (make some coffee, go for a quick jog) and when it loads, it looks like this:

Ok great, so where’d the other Irritator go? Did I just barely miss it?? Nope, they’re hiding here:

I’ve also see it where enclosure 1 has more than one open pen.

Could we make it so all the used pens are listed first, as sometimes the dino you’re looking for isn’t one of the top 4 It’s a pain to have to go and double check enclosure 2 each and every time to see if anyone is lurking about.

First one to share a sanctuary should be able to name it.
For example “Bary G2” so everyone that doesn’t do discord or try and strategize with everyone else would know whats supposed to go in there.

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