Conspiracy theories, about alliance tournaments

No offense to anyone in this community, nor in the company that provides this wonderful game …
I have my theories about the alliance tournaments where I always know the same people benefit, that is why I am going to give my points of view, and why I believed that it is so.
Speed ​​always favors some and hurts others, that is a sure victory for these people.
Tournament entry rankings are based on the arena score you are in, therefore the people in the top 3 arenas always have an advantage over the rest.
In favor of creature tournaments at level 26 and without increases.
Many alliances require their members to take all 10 knockdowns of the tournament, but many do not do it for the simple reason that Ludia always benefits the same players, such as incentivizing everyone, that all players start from 0 in tournaments regardless the arena they are in, that would make everyone try hard in the tournaments and try to overcome themselves without knowing in advance that the winners will always be the same, coincidentally those who already have everything they need to play this game, creatures to the fullest level, all necessary coins, max increases and excess bills.
And the main theory why a person with an arena below the top 3 arenas will never qualify for the top rankings in the tournament is that when you have a winning streak, Ludia plays her game and gives a reverse streak to the one you came from. having, they match you with a person you are not going to beat, that means that no matter how much effort the lower players put in the tournaments they will never win the jackpot until you are a player in the top 3 arenas of the game or be a compulsive spender of money in the game.
This is why I believe that conspiracies in alliance tournaments are real.


I could get into this kind of thought process. I’ve already pondered that RNG favors P2P players.

Don’t feel bad …definitely same deal over at Rise of Berm w/Dragon Brawls(arena)& most definitely in their Gauntlets as well :unamused: :disappointed: :weary: sad but true…no offense to ludia&or everyone/anyone else… #OtherGames:RiseOfBerk happens to me all the time&a butt ton of others I’m sure unfortunately…

Present your evidence.

You are versing AI bots in RiseOfBerk.

Maybe so…but as far as pitted against for not having a slew of things $, card pack(s), ten years to wait whilst everything slowly gets upped rather it be the dragons they academy to train them,amounts of vikings,fish&wood&MORE TIME, etc etc to get to the “same” level of opponents only to have them be able to do wayyy more damage get wayy more perks, sure spin the wheel&think you’re getting a chance for card pks nah fish&wood& don’t try to gauntlet again&again bc you can’t - point was it was in a relatable at least that’s how I feel/felt about it! Game cheats&I’ve said before abt conspiracy…nvrmd :unamused:

What do you mean by “top rankings”? Top 10? Top 50? Top 100?

I have 2 accounts. One starts from shores the other aviary, its 50/50 as to which one finishes higher. It doesn’t matter where you start from you will get to a point that is your limit based on your skill/team. The point of lower arenas starting with less points is so that the lower players that don’t have a team of the best dinos get some chance of gaining a few points and getting thier takedowns.
I agree speed ties are an issue and some players use this to thier advantage knowing they have a fair chance of winning them.

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