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**Conspiracy Theory** 1.15 isn't a new update

Ludia has been leaking the families for the next update and co-op info to keep the player base engaged. They know the game is stale and people want to quit, so they have been slowly dropping this information in order to keep the players engaged and spending money while they slowly drag out the next update.

1.15 won’t be anything different than anything ever. Just a new feature which will have a ton of bugs and won’t work correctly and Ludia knows this, so they’re trying to milk the last few bucks out of everyone they can.

I mean have they ever shown any inkling that they have a clue of whats going on or how to fix the actual game? They announce things like “boost reset” so that people will buy more boosts and just boost things because the player base knows that they will be getting those boosts back.

If this isn’t the case, just post the patch notes now and show me.

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Plot twist: they somehow release version 1.16 out of nowhere.


Has someone tried making a 1.15 official release notes thread to see if they already have said thread ready?


nah you get banned for that lol

Someone has done it. If the forums say “This thread already exists” then the thread exists. If it doesn’t exist yet,then you can just delete the thread

Have you tried it?

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Can’t we just hope to have a good update ?

If Beaver says the game isn’t funny Ludia should make the game better to hope Beaver is back, atm he’s the most famous youtuber who played in their games if he want to stop making content then many people would be agree and then quit

If Ludia don’t really care and don’t fix the problems wich the community always complains (boosts, matchmaking, balancing…) then that proves they basically don’t care what happened to this game

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wait what?

are you serious?

Ludia should cater to 1 person because he posts a few videos on youtube?

The best thing about his videos are the 50HC that comes once a week. That’s what I’ll miss if he did quit.


Maybe Gaming Beav is quitting because ludia leaked 1.15 update to him and he realized it is BS and nothing and so he decided to quit.

That makes more sense.

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Some may say… a new update?

I’m saying that the hype around this update is making it seem like the whole game is gonna change, but I think ludia is stoking those hype flames when in reality its not going to be anything but a regular update.

So, the opposite of the thread title? It’s only a new update. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There isn’t a new update.

Its an old update being recycled.

Ooooh, recycled from the old co-op. I forgot.

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Theres no update.

I get you want there to be. But there isn’t.

The game is over.

weird al tin foil

But in all honesty. I personally have high hopes for this update and I am especially excited about the new co-op mode. I can’t wait to hear more details about it.


No update, regular update, old update, no update.

This thread is a roller coaster of emotion!


I’m torn on the next update. The co-op mode could be great! But then they admit there will be major changes - that could be great or awful.

Then there’s the boost reset - tired of those OP Mammolania, Gemini, Ardentis, Indor2s in the arena right now? Unless they receive major changes, they will be WORSE after the update. People will pour all the boosts they used to have on DC (yes, there’s still a lot of those things running around in library) and boom, all the latest dinos but with even more power than before.

So I’m just not bothering to get my hopes up at all. That way, if it’s a fail, it won’t bother me. If it’s a success? I’ll be really happy!

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You’re probably ludia posting this to try and deter people from believing it and understanding the validity of my claims.


I’m totally ludia