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Conspiracy Theory: March Rush


We all know March Rush was a flawed event… or was it?


The trophy spread in the aviary is so wide right now, and there is lots of complaining about matchmaking wait time, so maybe Ludia knew that there would be arena droppers that would help fill in the gaps.


Rather than with the trophy reset done at the beginning of past tournaments, Ludia came up with a scheme to have players (certain players, not all) reset themselves. The result was a more competitive arena. More competition = more desire to spend real earth currency on dino bucks = Ludia gets paid.


Ok, so it’s not so much of a conspiracy, rather another business scheme played as an “event” and we all went for it. And for what? Some diplodocus dna? We’ve been had, folks.


If anyone else would like to discuss I’ll be around the forum for a whil–

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Wait a second… Gotta put on my hat.
Here and I saw it as The Purge to encourage high players to drop and grief players unwilling to pay to quit.
sirens “this is a public service announcement…for the duration of this event all griefing will be legal. Moderation services will be unavailable for that time”

(note: not meant to be serious)

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