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Conspiracy thread

Ok…I know that a lot of us have some conspiracy theories about some aspects/occurrences in the game. Let’s make this thread about debunking/confirming the conspiracies we have.

My first conspiracy is: I’m convinced there’s some hack that players employ that allows them to crash a battle for their opponent this ensuring a victory for them.

If this thread is taken down, I’m totally right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m pretty convinced your chances of getting a stun go down the longer you go without spending real money on the game I also wonder sometimes if matchmaking gets worse for you the longer you go without spending


Here come all the baseless conspiracy theories only grounded in anecdotal evidence. This should be fun.


I feel like i can debunk both of these right now just based on my own experiences. I’ve had the game crash while fighting people that i know aren’t using hacks. And I’ve only spent $10 a month for about a year and recently canceled VIP and my stuns are still working the way they should. This is no proof, but it’s proof enough for me.


I went from December of 18 until now with only spending 40 bucks and that was shortly after 1.7.

My current desire to make sure Ludia gets no revenue from me at this point in time that i also refuse to use tapjoy because that also earns them money.

Im currently sitting at my highest trophy count… i feel like 1.9 match making has resulted in more even fights then before 1.7 honestly… even today when i lost more then i won… most of my matches where 2-2 and game down to the last moves.

And my stuns are just about average for this game I still believe this games poorly coded rng is prone to streaks… but if this patch has shown us anything its how bad ludias qa if their is a qa really is. Break a primary money making feature in vip… check. Make scents even less desirable from a player perspective to drive sales even lower… check

And instead of selling the newest most op dino in incubators along with a larger then normal boosts package… they hotfix a dino that was creating a roadblock for many to get a free incubator.

Ludia is the most incompetent company Ive ever seen… while I understand how it could be beneficial to them if they had all these little systems under the hood working. I just dont give them enough credit from a technical stand point to make it happen. These guys cant even program a working chat… or set their strike towers to give proper rewards.


They wouldn’t take down this thread. It’s better for them if people think that these things happen because of hacks instead of their endless incompetence with bugs.


I always think that if you don’t pay, you don’t get high fuses on DNA. But then an 80 pops up and I’m like, “Oh nvm, I’m just crazy.”


The game can read ur mind, it knows what hybrid dna u need and dont. Thus it gives u amazing fuses on the useless ones u dont want, and only 10s on the ones u need. The game is so good at reading ur mind even reverse psychology doesn’t work.


It’s possible that the matchmaker will keep sending hyperboosted high levels no matter in what arena you are if you battle too many times in a row without taking a break. In Sorna Marshes, I used to meet teams of lvl 24-25s with high boosts, made of Thor, Rat, Rex, Miragaia, Einiasuchus. And in Aviary I meet the exact same things if I keep battling long enough. And if by some miracle I win against them … 29 trophies.

Ludia Bot in Alliances.

Then I say bot I real don’t mean a player controlled by a bot and done so purposefully to play / grind / automate by a outside party(a person). I’m referring to a bot controlled persona(Icon, name, rank, etz… ) in the Alliances purposely put there by Ludia to inflate the player bass and making it seem like more players are active. Why is this a problem then? Because this give you the illusion of a community, you feel associated to them( and you are less likely to quite the game) because you are in the belief they are real ppl. This is emotional manipulation( if it is true) and bloody dark. I do only consider this because Ludia is such a cynical gambling co. I hope I can bring this possibility to the minds of others. I hope this can be disproven, but the nature of the Alliances makes this difficult. To our help, there isen’t much besides the Turing test. That is, if one can get them to talk in the first place, as it is not a requirement for Alliances (nor a possibility between players).

Also I hope you have noticed that every time you lose twice in row you are faced agents a particularly bad player with an unusual team comp, that if you win(I really hope you do) you get reworded 40 p. It is typical to see dinos never really used in meta but at an proportionell leveled to your ranking. Would the internal scoring system of dinos strength be perfect, they would only be visibel due to there questionable and suspicious choices. And the names! They don’t exist in the recently played list, under friends. That is for me a confirmation. I hope you se why this is manipulating. The fact that they do it here tells me they would morally be able to do it in Alliances too.

So these people who have joined our alliance recently might be bots? No wonder they’re silent all the time lol.

Oh please…

This is great stuff guys, keep going.

[breaks out tin hats]


Hand me one of the hats.

Of course, good sir.

[hands hat]

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