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Constant Connection Issues Today

Is anyone else running into connection issues today? More than normal I mean?

I finally got on yesterday with the amazing help of @DinoL3o (thank again), but today I am constantly either not able to connect or getting disconnected. This is both on WiFi and Cell with strong connections. Errors are 10044, 10059, 10018, 418, 100 and and I think got a 281 maybe? Could it be server load and not actually a connection issue? Do these numbers mean anything?

Sometimes the game loads to 20 or so, then drops back to 1 and errors out. Oh well, probably should be working anyway :slight_smile:

Hey jvpeters, if you’re on an Android device, have you tried turning on the ad tracker setting on your device? Let me know if that helps at all. Thanks!

Thanks @Ned , let me give that a shot

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Correction (edit) Have turned it off and will see what that does.

If your adtracker setting was already on, try turning it off and then back on again and reboot your game.

Just restarted the game 6 times in a row with no issues @Ned - Brilliant! I little slow to start a couple of times, but opened every time!

Thanks for letting me know, is this with the adtracker option off or on? :thinking:

I turned it to ‘Opt Out.’ So technically the option is on to not track me. Does that make sense?

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I’ll let our team know then, thanks @jvpeters! If any connection issues happen again, try turning the option off and on again. Our team is still looking into the issue at the moment.

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Afraid it was kind of short lived @Ned or maybe I just got lucky initially. Disconnecting again on login and mid game. Did turn it off and back on, that got me in, but then it disconnected mid-battle. Sorry… not great news I know.