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Constant connection issues


I want to like this game. I really want to. But the non-stop connection issues make it impossible. I played all of June without vip and at first I was addicted to playing this. But after a few weeks that changed. It was one connection error code after another. So I thought maybe if I got the VIP it would help. I was wrong. I’ve gotten at least 5 different error codes. That’s not including other issues like getting kicked while doing battle, dinosaurs not loading completely.even when I’m in my house with full wifi it’ll still be stuck on loading screen watching that purple wheel go around and around. I know it’s not my phone. I have a note 8 that’s a few months old. So because of all of this i didn’t renew VIP today and I will not be until something is done about this. I was planning on sending screenshots of some of my many error codes but since I’m new in here I can only send 1 pic. So now I’ll send them all 1 by 1.

Too many error codes

The battle glitches need to be addressed stat. People pay real money for this game. Fix them, please.


It might be a connection issue, but not on my end.


You can see at the top of the photo I have full wifi. But yet there’s the little purple wheel of misery








Error code 41444




You didn’t really need two threads for the same issue, did you? Email support.


I’ve been looking for a link to do just that. Was hoping to get a reply from them to find out how.



It always happen to me everytime there is a weak internet connection or a network deadspot whatever. I guess you must have a stronger data or internet connection to play the game otherwise you will have recurring problems connecting to JWA severs.


Yes!! It’s awful… if I get a phone call… instant “connection issues”… have to restart… :expressionless:


Alot of those error codes I noticed are when somebody has a phone set on auto connect to Wi-Fi and every place you go buy tries to auto connect that could be the issue, Or if you’re connected to your Wi-Fi and you leave the house you’re gonna get that as well, If that happens in the house I highly recommend unplugging the router replugged in the router back in.


Yes they do my actions dont work and my dinos arent what i chose lost all but 2 battles today because nothing was working


You forgot this one which means your disconnected from Google Play even though your still connected to JWA. The purple radar will go on forever. I have to constantly kill and reload the game. Between this one and the GPS getting hung up. It’s teeth grinding.

I really love to play this but this is the WORST app I think I’ve ever had to deal with.

Hey Ludia, the ‘Reconnect’ button does not work on this error. Please change the ‘Reconnect’ to "Kill and Reload’.