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Constant Disconnect Issues

It seems to be bad as when 1.7 launched tonight - maybe worse. Losing match after match (down 400 trophies) due to disconnects during the match. 10018, 10044, 118, 10059 and numerous other error codes.

This happens on wifi (right next to the router) and cell. Out of the last 7 matches I got to actually complete 1.

Is anyone else having this issue? Getting really tired of trying to play this game…

me too!

It has been pl;aying up for weeks and keeps cutting out…think i will be deleting the app

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(Translate): Same here. I uninstall the game and canceled VIP because it is unplayable (crashing often, but since yesterday is the first time I’ve encountered a 100% crash) and I do not receive a reply from Ludia’s support.

Are you on iPhone 6? Game is pretty broken on this phone

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Strangely it was only that one afternoon/evening when it kept crashing out. Has been fine since that time - that is to say, the normal amount of crashing is occurring.