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Constant error 10059



Ever since the last update I have been constantly getting the reconnect error 10059, even while on wifi.
I have reinstalled and gone through every setting in my phone (iPhone 6s plus) but it has made no difference.
Over the last week and a half i’ve been able to play the game no more than 5 times.
I’m very disappointed as I was a pretty active player and I have spent money on the game as well.
Please help me with a solution.


I’m sorry to hear that you are having this error with the game @Minnievandriver. When you’re connected to your WiFi connection, could you make sure that your device is not switching between your mobile connection and WiFi? As this could cause problems. Depending on which connection you’re on, try disabling the other one on your device settings and see if that helps with the error while you’re playing the game. If you’re still having issues after trying that, contact our support team here at with your support key.