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Constant Game Crashing

This is also happening with Titan Uprising. I go to open the game, and it crashes either immediately upon startup, or it gets to the first loading screen, the Dreamworks egg, then crashes. I tried restarting my device, nope. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app (it’s linked so I didn’t need to worry about progress deletion), nope. It appears this is only happening on iOS, which is pretty weird, so this easily could be something on Apple’s end rather than yours, but figured you should know about these issues. Thanks.

Hey there DJ_NinjaCollider,
There was an issue that happened yesterday with iOS device on all games, pertaining with Facebook. Is your game still crashing?

Nope, thank goodness. It was fixed about an hour later. I assume it was on Apple’s end and not yours. Thanks for the response!

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No problem, glad it started working again!