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Constant issues signing into Google play


Alright, I’ve had enough.
The last few weeks I’ve had to constantly sign into my Google play to even load into the game. I shouldn’t have to do that.

However, yesterday I get this message:

It can’t be an issue with my Google play, every other game I have on on my phone works fine. And guess what? They’re not a game by Ludia.

I’ve run into a huge string of issues the last week. I’ve had matches freeze, my game blue screened:

I can barely load into it half the time, if I can get passed the Google play issue above am lucky to get passed 8/24 loading.

Then there will be the server connection issues:

Then there is the whole issue with if I can actually play, my rng has been the worst its ever been. Out of 120+ matches the last three days, I’ve won MAYBE 20.

I’m tired of it. fix your dang on game already Ludia!!!
Have I not given you enough money or something? This isn’t making me want to spend anymore. Let me tell ya.

I’m really at the end of my rope, I have no idea how to even fix this and its been one let down after another. I’m honestly about done.


My google play totally lost my game. I got the lost credentials message (and continue to get it whenever I give it a try, which is about once a month or so). Luckily I had attached my game to facebook as well, so now I log in through there. Be sure and do that before you lose your game, since Ludia customer service was extremely clueless through the process.


Wouldn’t I lose all my progress if I did that?


Just tried again and now its just trying to load in with my Google play account…


When I signed in through facebook the first time my game popped up without losing a thing. I guess somewhere along the line I might have attached facebook to my game as well, but don’t ever remember doing it.

I do agree though, Ludias servers are junk. I get server messages all the time, while other things are working just fine.


I’m afraid to even try that. I think I’m linked through Facebook, I get the notifications for it on their FB page sometimes… But I just am not sure.

@J.C @Ned @John Can either of you provide help? :confused:


Was able to log back in, I am connected to FB, but also Google Play.

Guess we’ll see how this goes…

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Hey Asta, I’m sorry that you were having these issues over the weekend. We had some reports on the 10029 error and changing the time zone setting on your device might help. If you had recently travelled to another location with a different time zone, could you try changing your device’s time zone to that location and then relaunch the game? Changing it to either New York or Toronto could work as well. If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this for you if you emailed them your support key here at