Constant swapping before end game?

Hey there fellow Jurassic enthusiasts!
I might know the answer to this but my significant other is curious to know as well.

Towards the end of a battle, whether it’s him winning or me, the other opponent will play for the first half of the game. Once they’re down to nothing, they keep swapping back and forth between dinosaurs. At this point they aren’t playing. My boyfriend believes they might be AI and my clan does too, but to me it wouldn’t make sense for a computer to keep swapping at the end when the opposite team is about to lose. Especially when they were actively choosing attacks during the first go around. I kind of assumed it was a player that realized they were losing and were swapping constantly to prolong the game and annoy the opponent.

Thanks guys!

More then likely it’s AI. Usually the bot names are odd ones. If you remember the name. Check your recent opponents list. If the name is not there. It’s a bot

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It’s most definitely an AI.

In the “I forfeit” situations, I’ve pulled this stunt to make them question themselves, but 95%, I agree.


It’s the AI. I don’t think it knows what to do so just swaps.

Hahhaha good thinking. :clap:

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The AI definitely does it but I have seen a few players resort to this (unless the AI is also using emotes) - I think its just to be annoying; had one do it recently when I actually think they could have won - go figure.


Since last update I didn’t see AI doing some useless switching. They are smarter and I frequently lose to them even when my boosts are higher than AI.

One more thing to detect AI is: They always only have 1x boost applied to all 3 stats. Not more. And every dino have this boosts.

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I always thought it was then opponent trolling. They know they’re losing so they are being annoying. I never once thought it was AI.

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I used to also see this a lot, its either the AI giving you a kind of “easier time” since you are gunna win anyway, or its a bug within the fighting algorithm.

I had seen actual players use it also (confirmed they were real players), but only they know why.

In the last couple of months I played I used to accrue killing blows for daily incubators, and then if I felt the match wasn’t fair due to matchmaking (as in they were clearly much weaker than my team) I would actually then play to lose, and sometimes also had to swap repeatedly due to the fact that they couldn’t survive an actual attack.

Actually on my final day I tanked my rating from like 4600 down to about 2100 to give players easy incubators. Though I did play for the most part normally so it wasn’t boring for them, I just didnt go for the final kill.


It still happens with the ai but nowhere near as much. According to the patch notes from 1.10 they said they fixed a bugged that caused the ai to constantly swap.

And its Ludia so they mostly fixed the bug… but it does still happen more often lately.


Could be AI or depending on level it may be a dropper toying with you. This happened to me once when I was in Lockdown arena. I faced a team of level 30s and I had a team in the teens. Long story short, they did nothing but swap between 3 dinos without even attacking me.

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Haha I spam emotes at bots :rofl:


Same :sweat_smile:

Same on my end

I’ve noticed, recently, that sometimes when I’m dominating a match, my opponent will suddenly start swapping every turn, without ever attacking or doing anything else. Just swap, swap, swap until I finally kill off his last creature.

Is this some kind of loser way to throw a tantrum, or is it a client bug that’s causing them to lose control and swap constantly until they die?

I know I’ve had three matches in the last few weeks where as I entered the match in the first place, I suddenly had no control over my creatures, the match looked like it was between two PvE bots. Maybe it’s that? But I’m seeing it a LOT in opponents, and only rarely do I have the problem myself. And I don’t think mine was just swapping, through the screen kept freezing so it was hard to tell.


Maybe it’s a problem on the server I’ve seen some weird stuff, like my erlidom doing instant distract on its own… But it is a thing some people do just to say screw it and prolong a match xD. I wouldn’t assume everyone is just doing that though…

When you are up by 2-0? Then I guess it’s AI…
You have 2 straight losses against real players then there comes PvE.

It’s the AI that tends to do the constant swapping once it loses two dinosaurs. Odd behaviour but it helps to win the battle. :grinning:

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I’ve seen this, it’s annoying and extends the battle.

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