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Constant swapping before end game?

I think they are just trolling because you’ve been dominating them.

Not going to lie, when Boosted monster Thor takes my first dino out in 1 hit and I know it’s inevitable I’m going to be 1 shot or stunned, then 1 shot the next two dinos. I will let the timer get to 1 sec then swap. Then do it again. Not a sore loser but you and your super boosted no talented ass clown thor can kick rocks.


Swapping as a troll is definitely loser behavior.

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Well yeah I’m losing and also prolonging the battle so it helps others from fighting the trolling dino team.

Boosted crazy Thor from levels 27-30 is annoying and a cheap shot. There’s no skill needed. So if they want to annoy me with their lack of talent I can play that way too.

Here’s my team:

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Well , I use swamping a lot as a strategy , that’s why I use monostego , he can dig in and leave the arena to bring tryko , even if he doesn’t attack he can counter a low health dino who other way should have won or evade ,then monostego is ready again to use, some times I swamp Out to bring procera in and anúlate the indoraptor evasión, even if I sacrifice it because máxima is waiting and without evasion indoraptor wil be an easy target. or I swamp if the opponent brings tryko and my tenontorex is faster enough to distract for 2 turns.
I don’t doubt there are several players who can’t accept a defeat but not all of us who swamp a lot do it for that reason , it’s a way of survival and usually works, I have won tons of battles like that.

Has anyone else encountered this:
Sometimes after I killed 2 of the opponent team creatures, the opponent starts alternating his last two creatures repeatedly until he loses. Even if he had a good chance to win or sometimes even when he could win for sure.

It happens a lot lately and I’m sure some of you encountered this as well. Could anyone explain this to me?

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You are most likely playing one of the AI bots. That is pretty standard for them. Look at the name of the player after the battle and it will be two words combined into one. They also won’t show up in your recently fought list.

And I’m not sure why a mod merged your post into this one. This is a separate type of swapping.

When my 5 year old is playing my account, she likes to swap dinos back and fourth. I get the phone back from her and find that I’ve gone down 1500 trophies. :laughing:


Cry more.

@Phil good on you. Over boosted monsters that have no business in the current match should be trolled!

My level 21 team vs a 28 Indo. Yawn emote. Waste time. Yawn emote. Swap. Waste time. Yawn emote…

Blame Lydia for the stupid matchmaking algorithm. We are victims to their flawed system, so we will act accordingly.

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Why do you let your kid play pvp on your account? This is not only bad for you, but frustrating for all of the people who face them.

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you have way to much faith in players if you think that they are AI. it’s definitely a player who is salty that you are beating them

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Does anyone else experience this issue?

While in a battle, I’ve noticed that if my opponent is losing, some people will continuously swap their last two dinosaurs in and out and just keep taking hits from whatever creature I’m currently playing with. It serves no purpose other than to drag the match out longer than necessary because the dinos that they’re swapping have literally no chance of hitting mine.

It’s a very annoying habit I keep running into over and over. Can someone explain the logic behind it or am I right to think these people are just being jerks?

Hopefully I explained that right.

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The AI does that

I’ve swapped to my last dino pointlessly before in hopes my opponent will mess up (sometimes it happens), but never back and forth to drag it out like the AI.

Droppers will do that. Not just AI.
I have fought one a long time ago when I was in Lockdown. They had level 30 dinos across the board and all they did was swap in and swap out continuosly.

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In my experience it is mainly something the AI does. Probably gets confused when it had a swap-in effect on a now KO dinosaur.

try playing against the games AI and watch what happens…
you will face the very same problem time and time again no matter whether its an AI your facing or a real live opponent its just a matter of choice really, if you say their moves dont make an ounce of difference and you still win then dont worry about it just clobber them silly and move on to your next opponent simple as that. lol

There are definitely players who do it for the annoyance and time wasting. Personally if I find myself in that situation I just let the opponent finish me off quickly, so i can get on to another battle.


A lot are saying it’s the AI but I have not experienced it while battling AI, only against a user. AI battles tend to be strategic and emoteless. I get the trolling part, but sometimes their last creatures could give a lot of damage if they wanted to. My conspiracy is that they are doing it on purpose to lower their ranking then to fight back at lower arenas against weaker opponents to earn easier incubators.

It happens too often for it to be players and it happens when you get that AI opponent after losing 2 or more consecutive battles.

Yeah whats confusing people right now is Ludia has match making set so you can get the ai regardless of win/loss and before the ai button comes up. Its set this way to help people find matches quicker and because of that this ai like the pity ai means your also playing for trophies.

This isnt something thats “always on” and Ludia doesnt bother telling us when its on or off. If you have an opponent who swaps non stop at the end of the match check recent opponents. See the name you just played it was a player. Dont see it, then its a bot.

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