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Constantly meet enemies from arena above me

Why do I constantly meet enemy’s from arenas above me? In my opinion you should meet ppl from the same arena to make it more fun. I think this is a way to try to make me buy more. I won’t do that and I’m actually thinking to stop playing the game.


How do you know they’re in an arena above you?


Happens the same to me, still in Aviary (4600) and facing rivals from Lockwood and beyond (5100+)…

How do you know their current score?

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Just look them up under friends and at the bottom of the page u see them you have encountered

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Yeah, along with their high score.

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But the logo from actual arena in their profile belongs to 5000+ trophies anyway…

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Well thats shows their highest trophy score not current. So it’s hard to tell their current arena

The logo shown on their profile belongs to their actual arena, so you can easily tell they have not fallen below the 5000 mark.

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My team


How is this fair play at all?
Not in the same arena, not even close in trophies.
I have -800 from this player

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Oh hey, I just fought them. Lol
These are some of their team:

I’m at 4800 and wasn’t expecting to face that kind of team.

I actually battled them twice, went 2-3 first time and some how beat them the second time.

Probably someone with more Real money than strategy. But the boosts… Either they are cheating or you faced their MVP trio.


Their Deino has over 150spd as well.

They didn’t play smart. I was sure I’d lose again Due to their boost advantage Alone.

The Tryko and Thora were oversped. The other 2 kinda suffered. Prob why you won

I saw their Sucho and Dio as well, both were 130+ speed. Sucho had 1700 dmg and Dio around 1800.

Probably. They didn’t have deino or Erli the second time I faced them and they are the only two reasons why I lost the first time. They were faster than my fastest dinos.

Second time Puru and Magna did all the work for me.

You cannot tell a persons current arena by looking at profile. I haven’t been in library in weeks but still shows my high score and badge as there.

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That issue should be addressed. At our alliance those on library show their actual arena logo while the ones which remain at aviary like me show our correct logo as well.
Anyway MM is a nightmare, higher score of enemies is always 400 or 500 over mine and I had a 12 loses streak which has not even allowed to earn the daily incubator.
I have fallen from high to low aviary with my level 20-23 dinos against beasts between 28-29 from my enemies. Makes me really want to quit the game for good.

Just came across lvl 30 Thor. Everything else in their team under level 10!
Nonsense like this really makes then game an unenjoyable experience. Needless to say I got obliterated and dropped trophies.
Ludia really need to put a stop to this practice!

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The idea that a team’s highest and lowest creature must be within a certain percentage of each other such as 25% of the highest creature is something I think they could program.

If a person starts out by putting a level 30 in a slot, anything under level 24 gets grey’d out and they can’t battle till they have a whole team within the 25% range parameters. If your highest is level 16, your lowest creature can’t be under level 12. If your highest is 21, your lowest can’t be under level 16.

This would force players to grow a team closer together. If someone wants to rush a creature to level 30, they would not be able to use it unless they have 7 other creatures at or above level 24. This would kill the horrible imbalances I’ve seen in the mid arenas where I’ve played against teams with a range of level 12 up to level 20 where the higher creatures are super boosted and the lower ones are fodder fill.