Constructive Feedback from a Loving Player (No Thoughtless Complaints)


Good Afternoon Forum Users, Admins, and Trolls!

I absolutely LOVE this game. I have been playing Ludia built dino games since Jurassic Park Builder the original! Their amazing legacy and work carries on to Jurassic World: Alive. The arena is amazing, the DNA collection is stellar and creating and upgrading is leagues ahead of other games. As a player before launch, I compiled a list of feedback I would love to see added or changed. I hope to assist in the rise of JW:A as the top AR Game.

Some insights about my account to help with my feedback logic:

  • Level 10
  • $200 Dollars Spent
  • VIP Member
  • Team Lineup: Indominus Rex (16), Tyrannosaurus Rex (16), Velociraptor (16), Pyroraptor (11), Allosinosaurus (16), Einiasuchus (15), Stegoceratops (14), Blue (11).

Visual of Drone Direction and Speed
While I enjoy the way we obtain DNA, I sometimes find myself trying to re-control my drone after an accidental move to a direction that wips me off screen, trying to find the right way and speed to return to my target. If there can be a visual controller, even just keeping the controller that appears after waiting a moment to fire and making it responsive to my movement, that much would help. It’s very hard to determine speed and direction without some sort of guide.

Dart Cap Increase
After continually running out of darts soon after I am at home and do not want to get eaten alive by bugs and other wild life, I am being limited to my game play after hours. I feel that some sort of cap is needed. Either a similar style to a max DNA cap, you get an additional 10 darts per level. The alternative option is to allow Darts from Incubators to exceed the maximum amount. That way the arena becomes viable, not just for DNA.

Additional Coin Usage
I am currently sitting on nearly 300,000 coins with nothing to spend them on. As I am getting insane amounts of coins per day from Supply Drops with nothing to really spend them on, I think some sort of exchange is needed for Common and Rare DNA. Similar to how the Trade Port worked in JW:TG. Going to supply drops after I reach my 140 dart cap will be more worth it.

2x Damage Attacks Need 1 Turn Delay
After reaching Arena 7, I am learning that moves like Pounce and Rampage need to have 1 turn delays added. A raptor can 3-0 a team of decent teams if used correctly, mainly using Pounce, swapping to a less effective dino, getting KOd or an ideal swap point, and returning to Pounce again. There are a LOT of dinosaurs in this game that are simply not useful with teams that stack raptors. And let’s be honest, if you’re not using raptors, you’re not getting far in the Arena. I am using two lower than average raptors over a Legendary Hybrid (16) and a rare level 15 because of this.

I hope this helps! Love the game, and keep up the great work.


Great feedback. Agree about raising the dart cap.


I’d definitely be all for a dart cap increase. I personally would prefer no cap at all, and think we should be able to keep whatever darts we earn, but if there has to be a cap it should at least be reasonable. As you say, 140 disappears pretty fast when you’re not right next to supply drops.

From what I’ve gathered since being on the forums, the whole “I have too many coins and don’t know what to do with them” issue seems to be pretty limited to just us paying players (since you mentioned spending $200, I’m assuming most of your coins, like mine, are just from buying incubators that give large chunks). For those who don’t put money into the game, it seems like gathering coins can be a bit of a struggle, especially since apparently there’s a daily cap on coins I believe? So while I would love to see additional things to spend coins on, I do also think that the issue of coins for non-paying players needs to be addressed, so that there’s not just more things being added in that people can’t afford to pay coins for.

I’m personally torn on raptors. They have powerful attacks, but they’re easily taken down by the right selection of dinosaur. I have half the same lineup as you – indom, trex, vr, and pyro – and I have to say that my raptors get killed off a goodly amount of the time, especially in higher level arenas. They’re easily countered by Einiasuchus, Ankylosaurus, Stegoceratops, and several others. So even though a lot of people dislike their strength, there are definitely ways around them. :woman_shrugging:


an informed guestimation regarding raptor’s future.
during beta on one of the splash screens, it said “spiked dinos will reflect some damage to attackers”. And there are lots of spinning dinos that are under performing at the moment. once this reflect damage is implemented, raptor will go back to its “specific/niche” role instead of “all situation” role.


I got to 2500 easily without ever using raptors, I just don’t like that meta. They are easily defeated, right now I wanna stay just in the 2400 zone cuz the 2500 incubator dinos are trash, but it’s even hard to not climb continuously. I tried dropping to 2000 again, but after a day or so I was back up at 2500. Raptors are not necessary to win.


I think this is part of the problem with them: Velociraptors are a “must have” because they’re always a dinosaur that needs a specific answer for. It doesn’t matter that they’re easily countered, because you’d be hindering yourself by not having it (until you get some massively better dinosaur legendaries, etc.). You have it, I have it, everyone has it and if you DON’T counter it it’s going to do a significant amount of damage, or even wipe out your board.

I’ve made the suggestion a couple times that the only real nerf the raptor NEEDS is the equalization of speed between it and other dinosaurs (such as other raptors). No single dinosaur should occupy the fastest speed slot by itself, especially not one that can do such significant damage, unless they meant for virtually everyone to have it.

The VRaptor isn’t OP, because it can be worked around. But it is a dinosaur that demands an answer long after other common contemporaries have been replaced, and it’s just too darned common. With as many dinosaurs as are available, shouldn’t we see teams that AREN’T entirely comprised of the same dinos like Vraptor, Einiasuchus, etc.?


You raise some good points. I absolutely agree that VR should not be the only one with that speed.

I will say though, in response to your last sentence, that a lot of people probably have similar teams because there’s a good percentage of the dinosaurs in this game that are just crap fighters. xD I think we’ll always see some of the same dinos in everyone’s teams, whether it’s raptors or Einias or whatever else.


Precisely the point: a good percentage of dinosaurs are crap fighters. The question then becomes: do they need to be?