Constructive suggestion for the match making system

I would like to ask if it is possible to have two options when it comes to battling on ladder.

One would be the current battle option, the other would be “Battle against AI”.

I ask this as it is frustrating and demotivating to make use of the battle system that is currently in place. I see far too many posts of people who share the fact that your battle algorithm is not where it should be with regard to fair matchmaking. I can understand that, in a perfect world, we would ALWAYS be matched up fairly. Yet the currently available match making almost never gets it right.

With my suggestion, you leave the responsibility up to me, the player. If I wish to just get chests and dailies for my clan, I can go battle AI. Yes, there is no challenge and the AI is quite easy, but at least I can win and contribute. And if for some reason I wake up and wish to throw myself into your failed attempt at match making, then so be it. I am asking to either be unfairly matched. I made that decision. I went into knowing that.

I have VIP. I give towards this game, but you made it necessary for players to have to buy boosts. It is not viable for a lot of players, people who support you. Give them the option. I don’t see this change being a lot of work. You just need to add a new button. If you select that option, fire off the request that initiates an AI match. The current button just stays there.

If there are hidden consequences to this mechanic, then limit a player to say 5 AI matches a day. Just enough to do the dailies and contribute something to a clan. Some days I get matched against people who I am far ahead of, but most days I am matched against much stronger players. So on average I am playing 13 games a day to get 10 take downs.

Please consider this. If my request is too much work, then can I get a reasoning perhaps as to the work entailed as my logic fails to see much work behind this. Help us, as players, enjoy the this game more. It is truly hard to not be negative towards matchmaking. So instead of just throwing my frustration at you, I am giving some kind of solution. If there are any other ideas out there, then lets share them.


You dont need to buy boosts. With boosts you just going to meet other players who also have boosts but will have to make exactly the same number of battles. The whole battle system is completely broken. Fighting is fun for one-two weeks. After that it just annoying routine to collect incubators. Boosts and high level unique dinos only affect trophy and nothing else. The trophy on its own doesnt help you or your clan in any way. My trophy stays at around 5500 for last half a year. Doesn’t matter how smart I play. Sometimes it goes up to 5900, sometimes go down to 5000. If I buy boosts I can break 6000 barrier, but I dont see the point of doing that.
So my strategy is very simple: I start battles every evening and go AFK until I meet AI or my trophy is down to 5000. After that I make several winning battles to collect all containers.

Sorry to say this Garsam, but that strategy of yours is exactly one of the reasons why people are facing who they shouldn’t… And that’s the thing with this game… Most players either become a victim, or become part of the problem… Many players keep themselves lower than where they could and should actually be… so they face lower level opponents… which in turn do the same and also screw people behind them… And on and on the wheel keeps spinning, crushing those on the ground.

About the idea given, many have said that before, but that would make it extremely hard for people to get real opponents (those who want that)… It’s already hard for many who are on the higher arenas.

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I feel like ther should be a limit cause for example when they say okay you’ll be put with harder opponents it does state the limit clearly

I gonna face someone with creatures two lvls higher or ten, are they whales or lightly boosted

In my opinion the max lvl higher you opponents dinos should be is 4 maybe 3; ad for boost max 2 tier higher just so we don’t have huge differences in opponents

I dont see any other strategies. I just dont want to fight anyone every day. I really enjoy other aspects of this game, but I believe that battles are pointless and silly waste of time. The problem is not my strategy, the problem is the battle systems. It is hard to find an opponent because I am not alone and quite a lot of people think the same. They fight only because they are forced to do that. We drop trophy because WE DONT WANT TO FIGHT. Give us “Fight AI” button and you will never see us on arena.

For those who enjoy fighting ludia can implement more fair reward system for fighting:
Players should get reward for every taken down dino. For every taken down dino player should receive 60 points. If he won battle, he should receive double amount (exacly 360 for 3 taken down dinos). Looser will get maximum 120 and no incubator. This should encourage lot more people to participate in battles.

By the way, there are no victims in my strategy. Trophy level is determined by the team you have collected. If you win 100 battles, you will loose about the same number of battles in long run until you level up your dinos or buy boosts. That means that every second battle on average is pointless. If you meet “unfair” opponent your trophy will go down and in next couple of battles you will inevitably meet weaker opponent. “Victim” and “cheater” opponents is just an illusion. The only cheater in this game is ludia…

I somewhat do what you do except I don’t go AFK. When my trophy’s get up too high as they are now, I put together a same level 20-21 teams but using weaker creatures so that when I play real people, I get a takedown or two and lose. Once I lose twice, I get the AI. I will play the AI with my loser team and lose twice, losing 20 each time. Then I put together a winning team and beat the AI gaining 40 trophy’s back.

When I get lucky enough to get the AI after 30 seconds at my level, I neither gain or lose trophy’s but after 2 losses to the [Fight AI] I get the pity AI which is 2 or 3 levels less and less boosted. I find it hard and long to really drop trophy’s past 4000. I can purposely lose to the pity AI over and over dropping 20 trophy’s at a time but I hate losing and just put a good team together to get out of AI jail to play somebody real.

I would be fine with them adding a battle AI even if it’s too hard to beat and it works to get a takedown or two to get the DBI’s.

I never lose battles to AI and dont really want to. I didn’t even know you could lose trophy if you lose battle to AI…
My point is very simple: I need 5 incubators a day. If I fight AI, I only need 5 battles, but if I play against real people, I have to make 8-12 battles. Now simple calculations: I play for almost 2 years and almost every day I am trying to collect all incubators. That means I played about 7300 battles (against 3650 battles vs AI I could have with exactly the same outcome). Most of those battles are extremely boring: I almost every time know what would be the next move of my opponent and which dinos he will bring in. The battle system is very primitive. I enjoy walking on the streets and collect DNA/coins. At least it healthy. I fight on the way back, but fights became boring for me long time ago.

But I still need a lot of coins. I dont have single level 30 dino, although I fight every day against opponents, who have them. Here is:

If I level them all to level 30, I am not going to feel big difference. I would still have to make 8-12 battles against real players or 5 battles against AI.

Here is the problem with immediate AI, you get to.grind incs faster. Meaning boosts. Limiting to 5 AI encounters a day means players who do want to help their alliance by grinding incs will have to wait longer to find matches since.AI is not longer an option.

30s timer is nothing compared to the trash 2.min one in Nublar Shores. AI is a luxury i wish i had.

As for the intentionally losing to get easy battles, that has a knock on effect to all.other players. If a few droppers come down they might help some players up but when they go up they will drag many players down going back to where they should be.

Play properly. If the players on Nublar Shores have to endure long wait times and constant losses why should the players below intentionally wreck the experience of others.

If just 10 of the top 100 decided to drop to 5k trophies then battle upwards, how would you feel? Having to battle not just boosted but maxxed boosted tyrants?

There are always victims in this game. Just dun be the one causing extra hurt.


No, in long run you will lose and win about the same number of times. One day you will have to make 12 battles, other only 8, but because there are players above and below your level, your trophy will be around the same number until you level up your dinos. “Droppers” and cheaters are not going to change this. AI doesn’t change your trophy, so you can get away with 5 wins, but if your trophy gois up (while your dinos are the same) you will inevitably lose the some number of buttles. Thats how this system works. If someone “dragged” you down, next day you will win several battles in a row.

And that is exactly why that would make things even harder. If players weren’t forced to be in the arena, it would be even more difficult to get real opponents. Basically an immediate AI would probably be the definite death of PVP outside weekend tourneys… And by the way, I never said “cheater”. Cheaters are the ones that go against the rules for personal benefit (and they are certainly not an illusion). Being a dropper is not being against the rules, it’s just being very freaking annoying to others who want to climb…

About this, it’s not just a matter of going up or down, winning or losing… it’s also about having fun in battles, which many people still do even if you and others don’t… And fighting a team clearly way stronger than yours because a dude dropped is just not fun… If you get down to 5k trophies with that freaking strong team of yours, you utterly destroy everyone at your path, with no chance at all for them… So again, sorry to say this, but that’s part of the problem. I’m not blaming you for it or anything, it’s Ludias fault for allowing it. But then again, at this point I don’t think there’s a way to avoid it…


That will mean that majority are not enjoying PvP fighting and ludia need to make something to make arena more attractive for those people. Although right now my strategy works pretty well, because dead PvP arena is in my interests: the less players want PvP the more chances for me to fight against AI…

Fine! separate those who enjoy PvP from those who dont. Make waiting list more transparent, assign each dino team with special score (based on fighting statistic) and match opponents using this score, rather than trophy level. That will make fights more enjoyable for everyone.
Although let me repeat again: I do not enjoy fights in it current state and I dont see any reasons why I should entertain those who enjoy them. Thus if my strategy kills PvP arena it is currently in my interests!

Ah, so that’s why I’m fighting such powerful teams in the Library…

Talk about gaming the system to the detriment of everybody else’s enjoyment :unamused:

That’s all I’m saying :laughing:

Essentially you want matchmaking to be dependent on an algorithm that is built by a group of coders which made the current algorithm which makes matches angering.

Trophy based match making is still fairer. Because you know why you are being screwed. After 1.7’s power based matchmaking nearly destroyed the arena, i have no faith in any other type of MM except the OG one.