Containment problem

every time I try to recontain my creatures while it loads it stop and freezes then kicks me out then I can’t use them and the creatures I sent out to capture them it is irritating and gets in the way sooner or later I won’t have any creatures to use in battles

Lots of people are having crashes when you do Code 19s. On my device, the games crashes maybe 5-10% of the time on Code 19s. Not often, but enough that’s not a big surprise when it happens, unfortunately. Not much you can do about it. The “punishment” for failing a Code 19 is too severe. Losing at least one dinosaur for such a long period of time (or losing 4-6 for a shorter period of time) on a game that you had no choice but to play and then that crashed doesn’t make for a fun game. I sometimes actually don’t play the game when I otherwise would have because I don’t want accidentally to trigger a Code 19. Not much fun.