Continental Creature Seasons

I think a good idea would be to do a season for the continental creatures, so that way people don’t have to travel and unlock them and their hybrids.


I’m sure that at some point they will shift around.

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Depending if they will have an exclusive hybid we might also see them in championships. With the recent inclusion of rinchenia in the lunar new year event i think we can expect them to be dartable in other events


Continentals and their hybrids should all be raidable or at least be offered on epic incubators. We only have Rinchicyon and Glyptoceras for raids and I saw somewhere that Fukuimimus is also getting a raid replacing Indom, but the continental components should be more common to obtain.

I remember a year ago I thought it would be cool for the dinos to only be in the countries they were discovered in and now that we have that, I hate it. Sorry I despise it.