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Continental exclusives poll

  • Continental exclusives be available in the normal epic incubator
  • Continental exclusives should be in the epic incubator in their distributions
  • Continental exclusives should be left out of the incubator
  • Continental exclusives should get a strike event

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Continental exclusives should not exist at all.
The only way of getting them is wasting your FIP in sanctuaries and that’s stupid.


Yep. That is true

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I vote for this one.

One day we know Ludia will create a hybrid for one of the continental exclusives and not the others, giving advantages to certain continents. We all know Ludia will do this because we’ve all been witness to Ludia decisions.


I mean idk. They did spread them evenly by giving all continents 1 epic

Also i think it’s realy nice that they didn’t make it so theres creatures for each continent but more of a “continental zone”. 1 the americas, 2 europe, 3 all the eastern parts of the world and they’ll problably just add new continentals to one of those 3 zones

And i’m not trying to say that continentals are good, they’re a pretty awfull idea, but i think that they could have been worse.

I honestly think that if continentals are indeed spread across these “continetnal zones”(and it’s not just that the 3 dinos we do have, just happen to be on those continents and theres actualy no continental zones), they could just make continentals rotate like locals and i’d honestly be fine with them

So we have stegoceras in the americas, struthi in europe and rhinchenia in the east, if they would rotate monthly like locals then lets say, stegocera would go to the east, rhinche to europe and struthi to the americas. And they would rotate like that every month(again just like locals)


This should be a poll option too.


A feature can’t be taken out once it is added

Add one more vote for this one as well!

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Yea Continental Exclusives should 100% be in the epic incubators, while I like the idea and on paper I am sure it sounded good, in reality it didn’t really go down as intended and I think that we just much rather see it in incubators and in regions. Also does anyone else think they should add more regions because the 4 that are there are so crowded

In many cases I would agree, but NOT in this case.

Spawns tied to a specific continent is NOT a feature. It is just the same as zone spawns. There is nothing to suggest Ludia cannot change their mind on this and make them spawn everywhere, or do what @Fico suggested about having them rotate continents every month.

Saying a feature can’t be taken out once it is added is naive.


Yes but they can’t take it out by now. It is a new feature and considering that a bunch of new stuff is coming as well they probably will try to improve it. Besides no feature hasn’t been taken out has been taken out completely since this game has released. They either updated it or reworked it

It is NOT a feature though.

There are creatures that spawn in zones, and sometimes they are changed to be exclusive etc. That change right there is not removing any kind of feature.

No-one in this topic is talking about removing features added to the game.

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Ok. I agree overall

Here’s what I think: we don’t need any more, the 3 we have is fine! They should also be in weekly events, possibly weekly reward incs, events from time to time of course, strike events maybe, and even in the continental incubators as well as regular gold incubators
and if they add more, then they’ll have to include them in epic incubators, its a must then, as well as another one of the options
but that’s just me


To me, the continental exclusives that aren’t in your region are basically event exclusives. As such, they should get strike events, like all other events exclusives eventually do. But I agree that they shouldn’t exist in the first place.


Is there a list of every continental-exclusive creature?

there’s only struthiomimus, stegoceras, and rinchenia(may be spelled wrong), but there’s only 3


What about drone dash and that other community event?

Continental’s should stay as they are. In my eyes they bring a lot of good to the game.

  1. If you’re ever travelling the globe you’ll actually find new things and get excited that it is not the same repetitive stuff.

  2. Getting and unlocking the continent exclusive in your continental area is a really good feeling as it makes you feel special in a way I guess, like you’ve just unlocked something quite exclusive.

  3. As a creator it also splits in a fair way who actually get to showcases an individual creature. Instead of 1 creator showing off every new creature, it gives others a chance to show off too.
    I remember watching a video someone had unlocked Stegoceras and Struthiomimus, but there was no Rinchenia video. So I was so happy to find Rinchenia!

  4. It gives a fun side task to work towards in sanctuaries instead of being stuck in an endless loop FIPing the same creature and when you get it done it’s a really satisfying feeling!

  5. Also allows for improving communication skills. My friend didn’t have Rinchenia in their sanctuaries and I offered to help them out and we both benefitted from each other. My alliance got to share their stegoceras and struthiomimus in the sanctuary whilst we offered our Rinchenia! It took a maximum of 2 days to unlock the other 2 creatures, so really not that hard at all.

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Repeating the same thing 3 times does not constitute 3 arguments.