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Continental exclusives pursuit

Ludia we need a pursuit for rinchenia, struthiomimus and stegoceras. If you don’t have an global alliance you will never have them all so it would be nice to have them viable in strikes, maps and incubators for a while. Wich is also helpful in chase these dinosaurs will have uniques and legendaries

Would you like to have a pursuit for them?

  • Yes
  • No

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It would be good if it was like local spawns. It swaps local every now and again. 1 month, struthio could be Europe, next it is North/South America

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sounds like a good idea to me. i didn’t like the exclusive part of it and never really saw the point of it. So people can trade dna? come one, plenty of dna to trade especially since allowing us to do epic sundays. it’s a waste of a request and waste of sanctuary items. once one of these comes out with an OP hybrid everyone will be upset and the whole “unfair” thing will come up.


Plus you have to have them already unlocked to request their DNA in the first place

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I like that idea. one of the biggest problems with the conintentals is that they have to be at 15 for an achievment.

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I voted no because continental exclusive shouldn’t be a thing in the first place and wasting a week of pursuit.


Plus your alliance might not have enough dna to trade that you can level them up to level 20 /15

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That’s a good idea. Or make them viable in the incubators of their distribution zones

No, thankyou. It already a bad idea to have continental exclusives and now you want them to be part of an incubator which is also exclusive to certain areas?

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