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Continue leveling up Indoraptor or Indominus?


Assuming I’m able to find another T-Rex spawn next week, I’ll probably be able to get my Indoraptor up to Lv 25 next week. But I’m wondering what I should do after that? Because leveling up Indoraptor is getting exponentially more impractical, and at least in terms of its level, Indominus is currently the lightweight of my team. Believe it or not, I’ve only been playing for about four months now, so I’m still learning a lot as far as tactics are concerned. Can anyone offer me advice on this? Should I keep trying to level up Indoraptor after I get it to level 25, or switch to Indominus for a while? This is my current team as of right now.


Replace Indom with a Sino hybrid. Problem solved


Replaceming indom with utahrinex for my team. Good advice to add him or Thor.


I’ll probably have Thoradolosaur next week, but I don’t know if i should lose I-Rex. Not with the current meta favouring immunes.


Yeah but he’s not super efficient to use raptor and Rex dna. Better to level indo who’s better. At level 20 while still useful, eventually he falls behind. It’s up to you, but most top players don’t use him. Highest I’ve seen was 27 once. Most people have a 20 or 21 though


Indominus is a great dino and an even batter one after the recent update but it’s still gambling on CNR for the most part. His immunity just makes him harder to stop on CNR. He isn’t walking through bleed dinos or anything.

Indo is flat out better so if you must choose going forward, choose Indo imo


I’d say keep levelling indo at least until lv 26. Indom is a great dino but the problem is it’s very easy to counter. I guess almost any of the legendary tanks can swap-in and do a shield and beat Indom even if the match up at the start is not good, and there are so many tanks in legendary tier.


Indominus is great as for my team that I put swap in wound like Dimodactylus

My indo had used cloak but in the next turn opponent brought his tragodistis out.

After that is my Dimodactylus job.

He used long invinsibility so it took swap in wound effect then in the next turn if he doesn’t swap it out it will suffer more from lethal wound. And yes, my indominus is still full health waiting to kill.

In short, not only she has immunity and high HP pool as hard hitter but also can use as tricky plays too.

The key to use Indominus is… never field her on the battle she won’t be able or hardly to win like against Tragodistis, Alankylosaurus and overleveled stegodeus


irex would be a luxery item to level up. and right we dont really have that luxery with no trex spawns… id love to max a irex someday. super scary even without cloak.


Seeing that T-Rex is extinct right now, all I can suggest you is to farm a lot and then decide what to do with it. :slight_smile: so that you can see when you have enough and make your decision going straight to the target, instead of partially fusing something and maybe regret it. So basically wait fusing Indoraptor seen that Indominus is its ingredient but do not arrive to the cap for Indominus, avoiding an “evolve” press while you make your mind.


I got my irex to 23 and I use him wisely. He stands well against a 26 stego and against spinot if you time well you can swap in on the swoop. He does 1750 damage on 1st turn and 2200 damage on turn 2 killing most dinos without sheild or dodge. Only those who can deal 3700 damage in 2 turns can slaughter him but he has his place in the meta untill you get to the end end game.

I feel level 24 for indom is wise intill all uniques are unlocked and are at least level 23. Irex, just like my level 20 raptor, can still be used for particular strike events.

That said each team works to its strengths and trex does still spawn I have seen 4 over this weekends special event not under a green box.


The key to Indominus is… what?


I mean the way to use it efficiently. :slight_smile:


Yeah, what is the way to use it effectively?


I got my Indoraptor to 25, now I’m working on I-Rex… Want to take it up to at least level 23, before I start putting more effort into Indoraptor… Even at level 20, I find I-Rex very useful, particularly against stunners. I don’t know, but having to collect 4,500 Velociraptor DNA for a single Indoraptor fuse is becoming tiresome (yes, I get a lot of 10’s)…


Using cloak for not only hopefully deal a massive damage but use it as baiting out faster tanks out then we can switch to sth else to deal with like swap out wound creature.

Or another case of mine, My spinot bleed trago almost death before die then let I.rex come out and cloaking it so opponent has 2 options; either they trying to rampage thru 50/50 chance of cloak and bleeding to dead or switch out to take another dino only to get one-shot by cloakRampage.