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Continuous Crashes

Hi, still experiencing constant crashes on my Ipad Mini 3 SW Version 12.4.4, the game crashes everytime I play it at various points or activities including PVP battle end (either win or lose), opening chests, during a challenge match, entering guild tab or changing heroes equipment etc. Basically it can and has crashed during any point of the game. After some crash instances I can only resume the game on my Android phone as the game crashes on startup on the iPAD this usually happens when the game crashes after a successful challenge game before I get the chance to role the dice for my reward.

Very frustrating at the moment so would appreciate if these issues can be resolved.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble playing the game on your iPad, D2TheT. If you have any other background apps opened on your device while the game is running, try closing them and see if that helps improve the performance.

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I was told over a month ago that the team was working on a fix for iPad Air crashes. Just hopped on to ask for an update and saw this. So an update on crashes on my iPad Air

A new addition after update 12:

My game crashes Once per challenge
An additional time if I find a special room chest
Often an additional time when I get to dice roll
Often an additional time if I quit out of the challenge
(The latter can be hard to recover from - sometimes takes multiple forced shutdowns)
Prior to update 12 challenges never crashed.

A lovely new addition post most recent update:
Started crashing during arena battles
Often after arena battle finishes

Old crash issues from prior to update 12:
Still crashing when looking through challenge rewards, opening chests and going into the forum area
(However the Challenge reward search crashes seem to be less frequent than previous)

I have removed all unnecessary apps, removed and reinstalled the game multiple times.

This is an issue with the code for Apple devices and in particular iPads as a number of other iPad users have pointed out over the last few months

(Apple users who’s game is working fine need not respond with I’m an Apple user and my game is working fine - I’m not suggesting it’s every Apple user :open_mouth:

Could we get an actual ETA on some help

Apple user here. I have an iPad with an older iOS and the game works great on it. Maybe one crash every 1-2 hours which is very livable. I also have a iPhone 6 Plus with the latest iOS and it has the same issues as you all. Crash every 5 minutes, and at times much more frequently. Obviously, I play on the iPad when I can.

Yes it’s various Apple devices/software versions while some other Apple devices software versions work fine

One I’ve seen people most frequently is iPad Air but also sometimes phones etc (pretty sure most Apple users that complained about crashes quit - I’m still hanging in there despite their frequency)

I’m just a lucky iPhone user even though I am not suppose to say so lol

Hee hee

Just said that cos after seeing a number of posts from dfferent Apple users complaining about crashes I detailed mine and referenced them

Of course I then only had a bunch of doofuses saying that their Apple device is fine - all the others probably quit as the crash rate is through the roof

Hi Ned thanks for the response, I’ve tried what you suggested but there is no difference. :slightly_frowning_face:

Gee what a surprise :wink:

I am using an Apple device and mine has been crashing for the last 2 (or is it 3 now?) days. Rather annoying as I have 3 dice from Frostsilver waiting to roll. I assume that there is a compatibility issue with the MacOS update. I was hoping the devs would have it taken care of by now.

Unfortunately, the developers of WoW take weeks to resolve generic issues and I suspect they may not have resources available to resolve device specific issues.

In defence of the developer, I will acknowledge Apple’s insistence on maintaining a proprietary OS (rather than adopting Android) combined with recent decreases in Apple’s global market share may influence how mobile developers allocate resources. Additionally, similar Apple issues are becoming increasingly common on other apps developed using the Unity engine, which is surprising considering Unity is an Apple product. I believe WoW is built on Unity, which may explain the source of some of these issues.

Try forced restart and leave off for a while

If that doesn’t work

Link your account to Facebook

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Or just choose to offload the game (removes game but not data), reinstall

Will fix your issue however you will likely have problems with crashes from now on