Convenient (?) bundles

Does anyone buy these kind of bundles? I mean, for the same amount of money you can buy 16k gems.
The bundle is worth 3k × 2 (red chests) + 4,5k (10k gold), in total 10,5 k gems…I don’t get it…with the same amount of money you can save 5,5k gems…

Never underestimate the stupidity of people. :grinning:


Yes but, seriously, this is simple basic maths…come on…Ludia, why? Seriously?

The way I see it, people respond to different incentives. Flash sales, bundles, more gems/gold sales, lower price sales, sales that ping right after you bought something. [MODERATED: you fill in the blank with whatever you like:)]

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Do you have the princes details? :money_mouth_face:


Here we go…Ludia is Playtech…secret revealed

Thanks for the moderation, Thought the comment was pretty tame, but I guess someone thought otherwise. No worries, I needed an incentive not to spend any more. Was getting tempted. Appreciate the help:)

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I literally made a post about this 2 months ago saying the exact same thing. I mathed out the other bundles and they were all actual real deals. This one just isnt…

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There is another thread in the forums related to this topic. Previously, the Ludians routinely identified an incorrect savings percentage for such packages. For instance, the package highlighted above by @Fizbanius would have had a banner falsely advertising the package as perhaps a 250% discount.

While these packages remain impractical for players, perhaps the discontinued use of misleading banners is a sign the developers have developed some integrity.

Alternatively, one of the mobile app stores received enough complaints about misleading advertisements that they sent Ludia a warning to stop?

Honestly I have no idea whether they do this or not. Anyone have any insight?


How can we notify Ludia’s behaviour to Google Play and to Apple Store?

@Fizbanius, Google has a clearly defined “Developer Distribution Agreement” which is strictly enforced. It is simple for users to view the Agreement and to report any violations. The Play Store link for reporting violations can easily be be googled. I assume the same is true for Apple.

However, I find it prudent to raise concerns with developers prior to involving 3rd parties. Users usually prefer to avoid potential App Take Downs which can occur should Apple or Android feel compelled to intercede.

Agree with you @Orloch!
I checked on Google it seems Ludia applies the same approach to its other games…

Dear Ludia please stop the incubator grinding frenzy