I think it would be great if the game implemented some sort of conversion system for DNA. I base this on the fact that over the last month or so, no matter what arena I’m in, I get dna for the same few dinosaurs over and over. I know that I will never use these dinosaurs as they don’t suit my playstyle, and so I feel like the DNA is just sitting there and is practically useless.
The conversion system would allow me to get some DNA for dinosaurs that I actually want to use.

I would suggest that converting DNA can only be done within the same rarity and that it would be a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. For example you could trade 1000 raptor dna to 500 or 333 stegosaurus dna (but still only from common to common) or 50 T-Rex DNA to 25/16 Stegoceratops DNA (but still epic to epic)
Maybe there could also be conversion across rarities but I think it would be too op, unless the exchange rates were something like 100:1 (common to epic)


Why always same common from the Incubator?

Not a bad idea. I think they would have to be ruthless with the conversation rate though. Like 10:1 even.
They don’t actually want people getting everything they want, because that’s when they stop playing. I know when I get the few Dino’s I’m still chasing now I’ll probably move on to something else.


Sure, you could argue that, but to be honest, when your dinosaurs reach a certain level and for a common dinosaur it takes like 5000 DNA for one level, I think that converting 50000 common dna just for one level is a bit too much