Convert 1 star scales to 2 star scales

Is there currently, or could there be a way to convert lower level star scales to higher level?

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From what I know… No I don’t think so. This feature may be in the game in later updates. Though it’s a very useful feature! I’d like to see it in game. The only way you can obtain scales is from quests,chests,the storyline(sometimes there can be scales) alpha chests and the arena by using medals to buy them.

I would actually prefer the opposite. convert higher level star scales to lower ones.
you need 3 star scales only for 5th star. And, even by doing all quest and openning a lot of chest, you mainly run out of one and two stars scales than 3 stars ones.


Agreed, I would especially like to to be able to trade 2* scales for 1*

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Why not both? :slight_smile:

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