Convince me to put Grypolyth in my team :)

I need some input from Grypolyth users here. I’m thinking of replacing a dino in my team. I’ve tried Grypo a few time as I was leveling up (and again during those boost resets), and was NEVER happy with it and always ended up pulling it out of my team. I’m guessing it doesn’t fit my style of play, or I don’t know how to use it, or simply bad team synergy? But no matter how hard I look in my dinos, I currently always come back to Grypo (it does help that it is team level already, and I have spare boosts available). I would also like a dino that can dish damage on a swap, so again Grypo sound like a decent option. (monorhino was/is my second option, but way below team level)

So, please, convince ME to put it back in my team once again (no joke, tried it many time) and give me some tips on the best way to use it, how to boost it properly, what it is good against or bad against, etc, etc. I want to know why YOU love it (and I don’t :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your input!

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Depends on your team and play style, although team says a lot about play style

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You’re right… I guess I was thinking that only those who are crazy in love with Grypolyth would check my thread and come with all kind of convincing points (or a user manual for it! :rofl: ). But any input is always good so here it is:

My play style?.. Let say that Mortem is not there because it’s good, just because it look good! :slight_smile: At the same time, it is my second “floating spot”, so basically, just trying it to make my own opinion on it, and so far, I still think it’s not that great :slight_smile: So once again, I’m looking for something that would dish out some damage on a swap. Never used Dracorat and don’t plan too, too many players use it. So either the Rhino (on trial right now), or Grypo, but as I said, Grypo made my team many time and I was always unhappy with it. I must be doing something wrong… Boosting badly? Starter or finisher? Who knows…

Gyrpo can be used as finisher, it only really works as a starter if the opponent starts with something like dojira though or pinning something in place so a swap in creature can either kill it or stun it and then finish it off before it escapes.

grypo isn’t just a “swap in to a tank and take it out type of dino”, tho it is a big part of the play style of it. Theres the nuance of “i’ll throw this out there mess up any swap strategies”. Throwing it out against something it doesn’t necessarily do well against to get that chip damage in is another way to play her.
I’ve thrown her out against thors for the heck of it. down goes half it’s health.

Glad to see somebody who’s using it and benched Maxima, because that’s basically what I’m doing right now. (Maxima was taken out to make a spot for either Rhino or Grypo). What I quoted is probably my biggest flaw when using it I guess. I’m seeing too much as a swapper not a strategy killer…

It’s bested used late game closer kit tank buster, it’s freaking destroys Tryko, Gem, Max, Dio, while still being pretty bulky on its own

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I’ve had gyrpo on my team on and off since I first made it, that new ferocity move was enough to get me to put boosts into it, not a lot so far but it can still hold its own, the points in speed help it get its shield and attack up against tyrkos and maximas on turn 1.
Screenshot_20201129-022104_JW Alive

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since max isn’t an OP monster anymore, i took to what i prefer to use over what was needed to stay alive. and with Grypo’s new shield move, it gave her that little something she needed since the change to heals.

I will say, beware of the grypo vs grypo mirror match. it will be the most boring, drawn out battle you will ever have because neither can swap out.

It’s strange, for some reason, I liked it more before the new shield move… Once again, more than likely because I’m using it wrong. Playing too “defensive” (heal FTW). I think you play unboosted? If not, what’s your own input on boosting it.

use rhino its good for swap in and stun. Thylacator is also good

i play unboosted. so i can’t really give any input on boosts. but grypo really wants to have its buff up as much as possible when the opportunity presents itself. take advantage of being able to go back to almost full health with it from 500ish and play aggressively.

I’m using Rhino right now, but it will take forever to bring it to team level, while I have a Grypo at team level on the bench. Yes, I believe Rhino is slightly better, but for the time being, Grypo being higher level would cost me less in boosts. I know some players swear by it, so I know I’m using it wrong somehow, hence this post. As far as I’m concerned, I may pull Thyla from my team eventually as well. It was a must with 2.0, but now, everybody knows how to counter it, and being stuck for two turns, it’s usually an easy kill.

Love it :slight_smile: great at dealing damage with the new move

Wooooweeee, 20 boosts on health. I know it make sense, but wow!

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Ur rhino is wild card so if their is fierce just keep doing cunning strike. Resilient? Definite impact. Any cloaked? Defenite impact. Any cunning group sheild or taunting shields is their for u.

Yes, I agree the Rhino is awesome, but my biggest problem is still the fact that my Grypo is level 29 while Rhino is only 25… Once I do a swap with the Rhino, at that level it’s a very easy kill. Grypo is well rated by Gamepress and many players, so as I said, it must be me, but I find it not too good. I also think I never boosted it correctly, so basically, I think I’m looking for players who are using it, saying it’s one of their favorite dino, and hopefully telling me how to boost it and use it properly. Until then, for now, Rhino is staying in my team.

For me, Grypolyth has always been the guy to send out late in the match when you just need one more kill and your opponent isn’t immune to swapping out and can’t break shields. It’s not like Sarcorixis where you can maul through things. Grypolyth is a waiting game, starting with shields and slowly eating your target. He doesn’t have a lot of good matchups, especially after losing cleansing strike, but I would definitely consider trying him out using thay strat.

Glad to see I’m not alone thinking that losing cleansing strike was bad for it. I used to like it much better back then, but so many are saying the change was great, hence my confusion. So, if playing a waiting game, I guess 20 boosts on Health is a must and rest on damage?

Maybe, depends on how effective you need that heal to be