Cookie problem

I feel daft asking this, but i have no idea how to fix it. When trying to log in via Facebook it asks me to accept cookies, wich i’d do, but i see no option to accept them on screen (i can’t scroll down)
How do i accept cookies from Facebook? And why is this suddenly a thing? I never had to accept cookies before


Do u have the facebook account on app or have u made an account from website

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U should go in site settings of the browser (from where you go to the website) and enable cookies.

Is this what you mean? I already have that on and yet Facebook’s still being a nerd about it
That’s the thing really, i don’t know why this became an issue all of a sudden, since it all happened out of nowhere without me changing anything

Same problem here, can’t scroll down or accept it.

I have a different sort of cookie problem

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Any other ideas?

Can’t stress how much i hate Facebook at this point. The only reason i made an account was to save my progress in case i changed devices, but it’s really starting to feel like gigantic pain

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Still no fix for me.

I have the same problem.

Ho pure io lo stesso problema con Facebook già da un paio di settimane però non so proprio come risolverlo

Don’t know if you were able to find solution already, but (at least in my case) it was easy to resolve it: you should change your device system font size (reduce it, of course). Then you will be able to click on button - and after you accept it, you can change back your font size as you like.
Try it, hope that will help!

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I also have the same problem with Facebook for a couple of weeks already but I don’t know how to solve it

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