Cookie Squad is open for a few new members!

Hi everyone! I have a few spots open in the cookie squad alliance. We don’t beg you to donate, but everyone is always super helpful and we have lovely people in our squad. So if you’re an active player join us! Also we have cookies


Mmmmmm cookies!

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I cant have cookies, so it’s a no from me :man_shrugging:

They are beautiful :heart:


I’m drooling :yum:


I would love to join, but you are full. 8 members with no trophies at all. I really want cookies!

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You’re right! There is a few people without any trophies. Just now removed them and you can join :slight_smile:

Awesome. Just waiting for approval.

Are cookies your worst enemy? You just cant stop eating them? I know what that feels like. I have addiction too. 12 giant steps. Stay strong.

No I have celiac disease lol it’s not just cookies. There’s a ton of things I can’t have