Cool down/ hatchery

Does anybody have a list or known where I could get one of cool down times and hatchery times for all dinos?

i think it must exist somewhere…
the cooldown and hatchery time is related to the rarity of Dino and HP.
the higher the rarity and the higher the creature’s HP the greater the cooldown and hatchery time will be.

legendary and tournament hybrids take an average of one week to hatch … There are exceptions like koolasaur which is a little less than 1 week
but the cooldown is 1 day and 10 hours at lv 40.

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Dino Data Spreadsheet

Here’s what you’re looking for.
Edit: Credit anyone and everyone that worked on this and I am not one of them.


Awesomeness! Hey thanks a ton!

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I was going to ask about the spreadsheet actually now that we are on that topic, is there a way for me to access the spreadsheet so I can personally filter/arrange some of the creatures in order of say hatch times or ferocity for instance? Would be alot easier for me to view and plan ahead this way.

I’m pretty much using basic google docs to view it and cant seem to find a filter/arrangement option

To do things like that, you’re probably going to have to download a copy


I’m sure I already downloaded it as it’s in my google docs, might try again see if that works thanks andy

Not sure on all of Excel’s functionalities but downloading and editing that way is your best bet.