Cool-down Question

I noticed that the cool-down times for dinosaurs is sometimes shown on a Blue background and sometimes on a Green background.

Any idea what the difference is?


None. Graphics glitch.


I was going to say bad coding lol.

Excellent question! I also want to know it! But I think there are no difference.

Hey BestKeptSecret, could you please email that screenshot along with your support key to our support team at


This happens all the time, you have to be very careful and not click on the bars just because they are green.


So, could it be Ludia trying to make us use DBs by misclicks (one more way)…

I do not think it is anything that nefarious. If you have other speed-up options, like watching ads to reduce 10/20 minutes, or the Instant Speed-ups, irrespective of whether the background is Blue or Green, you are still presented with this screen:

If you have no speed-up options besides bucks, the timer on the button changes to the DB amount, so you know you will be paying to speed-up the cooldown.

Like @Timmah said, I think it is just a glitch.

A glitch that has been here for a lot of time and that they will never fix, since it is a way to trick players into wasting DB.