Cool down time diplosuchus lvl 11

Does anybody know the cool down time for diplosuchus lvl 11? I’m contemplating upgrading my diplosuchus workhorses from level 10 to 11. The only thing making me not do it, it’s so comfortable having a cool down time at 4 h 15 min at lvl 10.


I will check, as I’m also upgrading them to 11!
Edit: 5h 42m….


Thanks :blush: 10 diplosuchus


I wouldn’t upgrade them to lvl 11 until u need a lvl 20 because lvl 11 shybrids are hardly better than lvl 10


I upgraded mine full to 20, so 10 → 20 was good.

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I always keep a mix of 20s and 10s with Diplos to expand range of options and cool downs.

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I haven’t decided when to upgrade yet, but I eventually should upgrade some amphibians, because I’m (a little?) unbalanced on top, with a drop in ferocity from a couple of creatures with around 4690 ferocity on top, then a couple around 4200-4300 before my main creatures lying around 4000-4100 in ferocity. Usually all events are managable, but last week for the first time in a long time I gave up on F4F, so I think I need to work on filling that gap. I’m ok with carnivores and pterosaurs for now, because I just need to feed my dimetrocarnuses and tapejalocephaluses. And then hatch some more monostegotops (boring). But I think I will go for diplosuchus lvl 11+ when it comes to amphibians. Ostaposaurus lvl 11+ will also come, but it need some more hatching first, because I want to be able to have enough for at least 4 lvl 11 before upgrading them (or else I fear the legendary rumble will be too difficult).

Diplosuchus ferocity 20 > ostapo ferocity 20, but
Diplosuchus cooldown 20 < ostapo cooldown 20