Cool places you strike from

Hey everyone, something a bit more Universal than the Landmark thread.

I was sitting there doing a Legendary strike event yesterday and thinking about how cool it was that the hunt range was extended. I went from feeling a bit awkward doing them in some areas to being able to find cool spots to sit and relax, plus it’s just good to get out. I’ve been enjoying the game more than ever since the range was extended.

So I figured I’d share, and see what places others are hunting from. This can be anywhere, AR, non-AR pictures, or Advanced 3d AR (cardboard cutouts).


Hunting by the port and was interrupted by a wild Alanqa.


My Koolabourgiana was trying to run off with the moon last night.


Oh boy I’ve got a few of these

When in York last year I encountered Rexy enjoying the sun nearby a beautiful church. I don’t think she appreciated me poking her though…

Earlier in the year I visited Devon and caught the rare sight of a Barynonyx stubbing it’s toe. I feel its pain


How does Baryonyx look so elegant even after stubbing her toes? It’s truly amazing.


That’s cause Baryonyx is the queen of striking a pose. No bad angles to be found


Me when I step on a lego. Looks like a really calm area, very nice! Shame about the toe.


I know that feeling. I have 10 5 litre boxes of LEGO IN my house. I could post a couple of my custom dinos it you want lol


Hey PedroNisbetto, that would be awesome! I believe your custom dinos would fall under the “Advanced 3d AR” category so it would definitely count. :smiley:

Well in that case…

This is my Dilophosaurus head. It’s a work in progress as the crests aren’t finished and neither is the frill. However, it has a foldable frill, functioning venom Spitter and opening jaw.

This is the Dakosaurus diorama, showing it hunting a prehistoric turtle. The Dakosaur is based on the model from JWTG and is completely flexible.

This is the duo of my Iguanadon and my Hatzegopyeryx. Iguanadon is kinda basic but the Hatzyg has foldable wing a so I can appear to be walking on its wings.

And this, is my pride and joy. The Indoraptor. Almost 2 foot long and fully flexible even down to a jointed back for turning and individual toe and finger movement. Truly a beast


Wow! I can’t wait to see the finished Dilophosaurus. Green is my favourite colour. :lizard:

You’re really talented! I don’t think I would have enough imagination to build these creatures out of lego. :dizzy_face:

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Lots of time and slight Aspergers lmao. Helps with the process

These are really amazing! So much creativity! Advanced 3D AR dinos are the best!


Can we make requests? I’d love to see a Lego Diplotator :heart_eyes:

Or maybe a Diplove since rainbow Lego might be hard to come by…

:open_mouth: I might try that. I use BrickLink studios on my pc to design things (that’s where the Dilophosaur will be being finished). Diplotator holds a special place in my heart as it was my favourite hybrid in JTWG. Give me a few weeks and I should have the model drawn up. I’ll post it on here when that time comes!