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Cool possibilities for Cenozoic creatures?

Arthropluera: a very interesting yet odd creature that could crawl its way into the game if ludia would make a new animation or even adapt the titanoboas animation. Could be viable as creatures like titanaboa and gigantohpis are in the game

Gigantopithecus: upon closer inspection, primates are a very possible route as there stature could be modelled similar or the same as say the megatherium. Could be a desirable and unique creature if made as a tournament

Pulmonoscorpius: Another creature that would be immensely cool if brought to Jurassic world would be a large scorpion of some sort. It could quite easily slot in with the same category as say the gigantophis etc. Although it would require a new model/animation it would be unique and highly sought after

Meganeuropsis: this could be really interesting as it could be modelled of the pterosaurs and fit into a whole new prehistoric, oversized insect route.However, this particular creature would be hard to place in a specific class so i doubt would be as likely as say the others

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Good ideas, but why not create a total new bio dome for insects? Could bring something fresh and new to the game. Fighting and hatching in new, smaller dimension. I’ve made this suggestion once or twice, without much feedback.

that could be very interesting like a swamp biome etc at the back of the island

Why does that ape look like me…?

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hehe your tournament worthy material :smiley: