Cool things that should happen (In my opinion, you have your own) in JWa

  1. Alliances shouldn’t have a cap of 50 members
  2. Incubators won from battles should speed up (5 minutes faster) after completing a certain amount of battles (lets say every 2)
  3. Indominus with a custom attack animation
  4. Epics with more flock targeting moves (deals more damage rather than stopping at the bar)
  5. More legendaries that aren’t hybrid
  6. Announcements in alliances rather than saying it and possibly be not seen

These are all my personal opinion of what should happen but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal not to add these.


So should indoraptor


Yes please!!

Idk what that could be

I like the idea but I also like how it is

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hmm I like these

I actually had the idea of conjoined alliances

Not having a cap of 50 members in an alliance would make several alliances much stronger, causing powercreep for alliances


If it was me…

  1. Alliances going up to 100 members.
  2. More prehistoric animals and less hybrids.
  3. Aquatics with their own Arena and tournaments.
  4. No boosts.
  5. ELO system not trophies for tournament scoring/match-ups. No score reset either.
  6. No habitat zones. Everything that isn’t a hybrid can spawn in the wild. Hybrids never spawn outside of events.
  7. Walking speeds up incubators. Get people out there and playing.
  8. Better benefits for being a VIP.
  9. More balancing across creatures and their abilities so that everything remains potentially viable.
  10. Change the campaign so that it is more story driven like in JWtG.
  2. Allow non-hybrid legendaries to be placed in sancs
  3. Expand the FL to more than 100 and/or give us an alternative way to input igns in a search bar to invite people to raids (I hate shuffling lobbies, especially with all the bugs)
  5. Balance out meta so more creatures are meta viable - even older long-forgotten creatures

I’m personally fine with alliances at 50 members - it’s hard enough as it is running an alliance with 50. I can’t imagine doubling the number :rofl:


yep - not to mention it would be a LOT more work to run an alliance with more than 50 members. Some alliances struggle to fill up to 50 as it is.

Since the first day of alliances, everybody has been asking for monitoring tools and better communication within the alliance. Currently, for a leader, it’s STILL almost impossible to know how members perform, and the in game communication channel is useless. I cannot imagine alliance going to a higher number!!!

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  1. More common creatures
  2. More rare hybrids
  3. Add rexy and the baryonyx trio the game
  4. Fixing major bugs
  5. Buffs to scaphotator and andrewtherium

I found a stegoceratops and sucotator today

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Add giganotosaurus that looks like dominian giga. Rarity: Legendary

I think that will come in the dominion update but I don’t think it will be a legendary

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Buff Megalosuchus.
Or give her one of those fancy fuseable Apex hybrids.

  1. An update where all of the underpowered dinos get looked at and buffed PROPERLY. Not increase speed by 1 and go bam perfect

  2. Matchmaking gets rebalanced. I should not be facing max boosted level 30 teams with vasilas and anky lux with my team. Yeah I know I have one 30 but it doesn’t justify a full level 30 team thrown at me

  3. A caring system for your Dinos. (Could be integrated into ar but idk) a thing where you can physically pet your Dinos and they react, not like interact, but where they sort of lean in to your petting or close their eyes and relax. Something like that could really create a strong bond between the dinos and the players, which may cause some more diversity in arena :slight_smile: (yeah I know that last thought is pushing it)

  4. More variety in sounds between the same models/kits. (Rex and allo are good examples of this. Rex has the iconic roar, while allo has a more deep, hearty sounding one.) I’m specifically talking about troodoboa here. Just take a look at it when it enters the battlefield. It makes this super high pitched sound, even though it’s hardly opening its mouth. A deep hiss would suit it way more.


1.Improve the in-game chat system, especially in raids instead of current ones.
2. Revisit the movesets of older existing uniques, so that it can be in line with accordance with the newer movesets of newer creatures.

If u could type to chat in raids that would be good


@Colin_Goodman - some of those ideas are good, others not so good in my opinion.

First off you say no boosts which would be disastrous. The game would quickly become a simple collector game only as battles would be dull, monotonous and way too reliant on rng and speed ties.

100 members in an alliance would be a nightmare to manage and monitor so that’s another no from me.

Less hybrids means less fusing and the very nature of JW is fusing hybrids so I disagree there too.

The other ideas are good especially the increase in benefit for VIP. It really isn’t very good value is it?