Cool things that should happen (In my opinion, you have your own) in JWa

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

If implemented now, I would agree. However, the game ran for a good while before boosts were added and it worked fine. Boosts were not popular and I understand why. From a personal perspective though, I would prefer a little RNG. I’d make damage a bracket rather than fixed number. But I come from a wargaming and tabletop RPG background where the random element is what makes it interesting.

This I get too but fifty isn’t enough either sometimes.

The game does yes. Hybrids are the end game for a game that doesn’t have an end game. In universe there are only four (four and a half) canon hybrids. It’s about dinosaurs not hybrids. Again from a personal perspective, I’d rather have a more diverse array of prehistoric creatures and less hybrids. But I appreciate that it’s just me. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a VIP since launch and I am happy to pay that for the extra drone range and battery life plus I want to support the game. All the VIP really needs to is to include an Epic incubator when your subscription automatically renews each month. It’s not bad but it could do with that little extra.

Some of them do, actually.

I know. Im saying that if it was me, that hybrids would have to be made not found.

I think they are saying that as a suggestion


And why? It’s good to see them in the wild.

From my personal opinion, hybrids are something to be worked towards by gong out hunting and finding the DNA you need to make them and level them. It’s not like that and that’s okay. This is just a thought exercise.

Another thought that occurred to me this morning…

When an Arena battle times out, just go straight to an AI battle.

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Fellas you might want to check out my thread where I’m collecting feedback from all over the community so I may add your “wishes” to the list

This post feels like Christmas in March. So much to say… but will only share my top 10. Remember this is my opinion only, #noh8.

  1. Provide stability by fixing long-standing issues and developing community vote for features. Why ask the community’s input then just do what you want.

  2. When new features are introduced make sure they are intelligent, truly needed (as in proven revenue or enhancement), and most importantly they function as intended.

  3. Create a SWOT team .SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is a team that is responsible for reviewing all decisions and weighing the benefits and repercussions on revenue, player base, and other important metrics. This way bad, not well thought out ideas, and good ones can be prioritized or rejected.

  4. Use data to drive decisions. 1,000,000 medals for the first tourney top reward says it all :roll_eyes: smh

  5. Prevent updates that break the game the majority of the time. This means the staff needs to know how to successfully do regression testing, automated, white box, and understand how the community is using the game to ensure successful adhoc testing.

  6. Provide clarity and honor the TOS written for all, not just some.

  7. Improve communication, not just for issues but also a developers note at least once a quarter to keep the community well informed and looking forward to the next update instead of dreading it.

  8. Understand how the community has adapted to features such as sanctuary and provide both tools and restructuring to make it both an asset for the community and a revenue stream.

  9. Provide those long promised tools to help alliance leaders, who work for free, the ability to manage their alliances.

  10. Provide an intelligent way to unite player communication for alliances under Ludia, thus protecting players under their TOS vs. leave it up to 3rd party providers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Facebook, etc.


I don’t support 1 & 5. Nothing positive might come out of it. 5 is likely happening in the future, but I don’t see how creatures that only spawn on the map twice a year may add something positive to the game.
As for the increase cap in alliance members, don’t please. It is hard enough to find 50 people committed enough with alliance tournaments as it is… :sweat:

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