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Cooldown skip and turn skip

This might not be my but sometimes in events the CPU used it’s ability when it was on cooldown like it got a cooldown skip and sometimes when a CPU is faster it’s turn audi medikly got it’s turn skipped

its quite common for me


I’ve been experiencing this too. From what I can tell, it seems like many people on the forums are experiencing this quite frequently as well.

For example, today I faced a CPU Sonorasaurus that went for Devastation turn 1 when it should’ve been on delay. Also, a CPU Stegosaurus didn’t attack and just skipped its turn entirely (it wasn’t stunned or anything).


Yeah this needs to be fixed asap

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Agree I can’t play like this anymore

Sonorosaurus skipped the delay twice in one of the strike towers today in 2 different battles

This one on it’s first turn during the first battle

And this one on it’s 2nd turn during the 3rd battle

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I really hope someone like @Ned can fix this

This reminds my of a time when I was going against the sloth it used it’s cunning rampage when it was on cooldown I was like you can just do like you can just do that and I was facing against Tuoj and it it’s turn skipped somehow when it was faster

ned is just support tho…
but this issue has been going on for quite a while, just another bug that’s gonna live on like the others since ludia can apparently only find 3 bugs in an entire nest even after being told there were more

Happens in almost every strike I do where the Dino survives long enough depending on whether I feel like clapping with my high uniques. If not, or if it’s an equivalent level strike to my uniques (master 26-30) then this always happens. There should be a delay but there just isn’t. It happened with the anniversary strike with the LEVEL 29 ENTELOLANIA AND DEVASTATION. It almost screwed up my attempt. Still managed to pull it off though, thankfully. Screws up my younger brother‘s newer account (a month and a half old or so) all the time, and I feel really bad

Also same here, just had the Sonorasaurus in the solid blue rare strike use Devastation in turn one.

Interestingly enough during one of the matches against a Stego, I was using Gorgotrebax who was slower somehow go before the Stego even though the yellow arrow thing was on the Stego. But it only happened just that once.

Hey there, Dinosaur_attack. I’m sorry that happened. This is currently an issue our team is working on addressing.

In the meantime, could I ask you to email our team at with your support key? Our team would like to gather some more information regarding this.

Thank you!