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Cooldown timer on the Revenue Tower

Ok, so I just found out that there is a cooldown of 10 mins on the Revenue tower? It’s nowhere mentioned here:

This was my first time planting the Revenue tower and I was just thinking as to why you have to click on it to collect coins? While I was thinking about that, I clicked on it and now it started a cooldown timer. Great.

I also just found out that this limit used to be 2 mins? Why was this increased? Honestly, this defeats the entire purpose of using it as I have multiple stuff that yields coins in 5 mins, which means I’ll still be manually collecting coins. Not cool.

Over time you will learn to love the revenue towers, while yes there are a few paddocks that have 5-10 minute time limits these are the exception, the majority of paddocks are 30 minute plus so ten minutes is more than enough time in between clicks.

I think you’ll find that this isn’t a huge deal and that there are other quirks of design that are far more bothersome.

For a brief period, in between the 2 minutes and the 10 minutes, it was something like 3 hours. So, I’ll take 10 minutes anyday


Yeah, I’m already starting to see other bothersome stuff too; this thing just came up quickly as a disappointment, as it didn’t turn out to be what I was expecting it to be.

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