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Cooler Not Giving 10 Interacts

the cooler says it gives 10 interacts but it’s only giving like 6! To be clear it’s maxing at 8.So if you have 2 you get 6. Video soon.

Screenshot_20200822-112740_JW Alive|243x500

it gives 10. but since you can’t hold more than 8 unless you purchase them, they go to waste.


No. It gives you up to 8 only.

Here is the video. I used all my fips then opened the cooler. You can see here it only gave 8. On my alt account there 2 so it only got 6 to bring it up to 8.

It gives 10, but 2 are wasted, as you can’t hold more than 8 and for some reason can’t go over the limit, as it was usually.

If its a bug, they need to fix it before next FIP bundles.

But I’ve had 12 all across the board before w/o purchasing. Did this change in the latest update?

It doesn’t make any sense to give 10…

It’s the same thing with darts. you have 138 darts/ 140. you spin a stop it gives 8. you don’t go over 140 darts, so you wasted 6 of those.

The only way you can go over your hold limit is to purchase them.

you might’ve been experiencing a beneficial bug here. I’ve never been able to go above the hold limit without purchasing them.

Not Interactions. Food and Toys(Play) are capped at 12, Interactions are capped at 8.

Now I feel bad. I don’t want to be an exploiter.

Up until after the update I haven’t bothered keeping an eye on them but before I always tried to keep them even because ocd.

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Also I have VIP does that make a difference?

Doesn’t make a difference. I got VIP a few days ago and nothing changed.