Coolest dino

What dinosaur do you guys think looks the best. (It be be based on cuteness, coolness, or even color) Personally for me its magnapyritor or Hadros lux. But ceramagnus and Refernantum are close.





Probs rinex or ref for me

Refrenatem , hydraboa and haast maximus for me

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Parathops, entelolania, and refren are all some of my favorites

I can’t pick one but these are my favourites Dio, magna, entelolania, spinocon, me (toven), spyx, erlidom, parathops, grylenken, purutaurus gen2 (indot) and tryko


Me: Either Edaphocevia,Magnapyritor,Thoradolosaur, Spinonyx, Mortem Rex or THE ONE THE ONLY KING COBRA

Mortem Rex: Im abt to blast yo ass off this earth with my Atomic Blast!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:


I like mortem, hadros hydra boa, thor, magnapy and skoona

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Fun fact everyone. T.rex has the 2nd highest attack with Mortem Rex being the first by 50 attack points. Trex attack stat at lvl 26 is 1950 and Mortem Rex’s attack stat at lvl 26 is 2000. INSANE. I wonder if someone has a maxed T.rex with max boosted attack and decently boosted health and speed paired up with Mortem Rex with max boosted attack and decently boosted health and speed. Now that that is a killer combo!!! Im sure that even apexes or uniques couldn’t stand up to those guys.

T. rex at base has 1900 attack. Not 1959

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Really I thot it was 1950 attack points.

Did trex attack get nerfed by 50 attack points

If so its not big nerf but there was no point in doing that.

It’s either Ref, Bumpy, Spyx, or Blue

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Mortem get nerfed hard…its not good anymore
(If your gonna talk about stats go to a different thread. Example: What is the best Dinosaur in the game? )

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