Cooperative play


The game so far is entertaining but to keep the interest of players, especially those coming from well established AR games like Ingress and Pokemon Go you need to introduce a social aspect. What wouod be amazing and a huge amount of fun would be the ability to create a hunting team. A group of players near you…to go after “big” dinos . Whether it’s a large dangerous meat eater rampaging through a park or a wayward Bronto lost in the city…something a group can work on together for a common cause. The arena battles are nice but get boring after awhile unless you are a player driven by that kind of thing.


@Taharial, in a team hunt like you describe, who would get the creature?


@PaulJWA-NB I imagine it would be based on your contribution to the hunt or some equal percentage of the DNA split among the group. Much like Pokemon Go’s raid battles where the team contribution determines how much they are rewarded. Honestly any cooperative social element would be nice to see.


@Taharial, that would be a welcomed development. Ludia has announced that they wish to limit likenesses to Pokemon Go to provide a different experience to players.

For what it’s worth


I think its fine to limit likeness, I dont want gyms for instance, but a social aspect is needed for the long haul, imo. An option of a friends list for local co op missions, like hunting parties would be nice


Limiting likeness to PoGo is understandable but the reality is without some kind of social, interactive element beyond a forum, AR games of this type will be short lived. People are social animals. What fun is exploring your parks or city if you can’t meet others sharing in the experience? Sure you would intrinsically meet people just by going out but it isn’t quite the same as having the ability to socialize with people you know have an interest in this kind of game. There is camaraderie in team play and even more so when your teams have a common goal rather than pitting people/teams against one another (That’s the sociologist in me coming out). Bottom line is with highly social games and equally or more well developed games out and coming out (Harry Potter anyone?) Ludia will need to pick up it’s pace while still setting itself apart if they want to truelly compete.


It’s a nice idea, what about DNA trading, so higher level players with zillions of common dna can help out lower level players.


That’s a great idea…some incentive to work together.


@Sudsinabucket & @Taharial, agreed Ludia does respond to player input when there’s enough of it and it doesn’t conflict with existing hard internal priorities. There is a suggestions section as well as an email. Let them know both ways why this is important to the player community long term then remind them from time to time.

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